Can you buy cigarettes and tobacco online – shopping – on the web

j9y writes…

From a sellers point of view, what would the seller have to do when selling the cigarettes to us in Australia?

Pack it and ship it. Everyone of them will have some small print disclaimer about fees, charges and customs duties at your end being your responsibility.

Do they simply send the package and you deal with the taxes?

That’s the long and the short of it.

<$1000 pays no tax

False on tobacco and alcohol you pay duty regardless of amount, and there’s not a gift allowance for either anymore.

I checked there was a tax to import tobacco goods. What’s the tax on it now, 35c per cig?

Yes, for sticks under 0.8 grams (otherwise you’re looking at $446.65/Kg. this applies to cigars/cigardillo’s/cheroots and the like)

If the seller simply sends it and customs seizes it do they send a letter or how do you go about paying tax and releasing it?

That really depends on how it gets here

Courier/Cargo (FedEx/TnT/Et al)

They’ll crunch the customs numbers for you and contact you with a bill, you can pay it, query it (if the amount is iffy) or reject it. Technically for cargo under $1000 you are supposed to do a Self Accessed Clearance but most carriers will do it for you.

Pay it Self explanatory

Query it The sender’s gotten the weight wrong and you can prove it, they will amend the entry in ICS and create a new bill for you to pay.

Reject it it goes back to sender and you deal with the fallout which might be a restocking fee.


Customs intercept it and it’s under $1000, they’ll send you a First notice with a pay advice attached, you can pay it, query it or reject it.

Over $1000 you’ll need to fill out an import declaration either via a customs broker or yourself and present the relevant documentation.

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