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There has been quite a bit of controversy over the last few years about consumers who purchase discount cigarettes online. You can find advertisements for these web sites in just about every magazine there is, and many times smokers can save thousands of dollars a year through this method. The question before the court, however, is whether or not you can legally purchase discount cigarettes online, especially with regard to state imposed taxes.

The question here is really about jurisdiction, which is asserted over a specific geographical area. When you purchase discount cigarettes online, you are likely buying from a company that conducts business in another city or state. The laws for cigarettes, including taxes, are probably different in that state, which means that you have to consider your own liability for the taxes that are not charged.

In most cases, taxes are far lower when you purchase discount cigarettes online, which is why they are cheaper than what you would find at a neighborhood convenience store. But how is this different than driving from New York to New Jersey to purchase cigarettes, and what will actually happen if you are caught?

Generally speaking, it is the consumer’s responsibility to pay taxes when they purchase discount cigarettes online. This might mean adding the tax to your purchase, or paying for the taxes separately. Whatever the case, the state government can pursue collection for back taxes if you are found to be illegally purchasing cigarettes, and they can demand payment immediately. You probably know that there are ways to track such sales, and cigarettes are considered a profitable commodity in the U.S.

The issue, of course, is whether you owe the back taxes, or whether those charges will be relegated to the online retailers who sell them from states with lower taxes. In most cases, the government will give the retailer a choice either they can pay for the back taxes themselves, or they can turn over their sales records so that the government can pursue collection individually. If you think that an online retailer is going to satisfy millions of dollars in taxes themselves, you’re sadly mistaken. Instead, your records will be turned over to the government.

Another factor you have to consider when you purchase discount cigarettes online is the tax status of the company making the sales. In the U.S., Native Americans conducting business on their own land can often sell cigarettes without charging taxes at all, and many of the online retailers take advantage of this tax benefit. For example, the Alabama Coushatta Native American tribe in Texas has a section of land on Highway 1960. They sell cigarettes without charging taxes, and this is perfectly legal.

Again, however, the subject of jurisdiction comes into play, and even if you purchase discount cigarettes online from a tax exempt Native American retailer, you’re having that product shipped out of the jurisdiction to your home. In most cases, you will be responsible for paying back taxes if you are caught.

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At the beginning of 1900’s, at the time of Zino Davidoff’s birth, the members of the Davidoff family are known as real «harmandgis», experts at choosing, cutting and mixing the fine tobaccos of the Orient.
In 1911 the Davidoff family leaves Russia. Not much later Henri Davidoff opens his first tobacco shop in Geneva.
1924 After leaving school, Zino Davidoff dedicates himself to the tobacco business. During the next five years he visits Argentina, Brazil and Cuba, where he devotes himself solely to learning about the cultivation and tobacco production.
In 1929 Zino Davidoff is back in Geneva, introducing into his father’s store a cigar cellar, the perfect way to store his high quality cigars under optimal climactic conditions. 1946 In a tribute to the great Bordeaux wines, Zino Davidoff creates the remarkable «Ch&#226 teau» line of cigars, which attracts widespread attention.
1970 The Oettinger Group took over the Geneva business of Zino Davidoff. This is the start of the development of the Davidoff name into a world famous, highly prized global brand.
1985 The successful introduction of Davidoff cigarettes and the first fragrance, Davidoff Classic into the market. 1991 Dr. Ernst Schneider decides to use tobacco from the Dominican Republic which at first causes surprise aficionados are not familiar with Dominican tobacco and the country, too, is relatively unknown. Dr. Ernst Schneider undertakes a risky venture when he decides to use Dominican tobacco instead of Cuban, as loyal Davidoff customers enjoy what they know and are wary of change. But quality was what counts and the change opens the door for success worldwide
1994 Zino Davidoff died, January 14th.
2000 Re opening of the Flagship Davidoff Store in Manhattan. Some 100,000 of the finest premium cigars are stored in optimum conditions in the two storey, walk in humidor. The interior decoration of the 350 m2 shop combines modern elegance and classical charm in a harmonious way.
2001 Davidoff complements its cigar series with the Davidoff Millennium Blend series, available in four different formats.
2002 Worldwide 44 shops carry the name Davidoff. Exquisite quality and exuberant luxury that is Davidoff.