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‘ » » ‘LocationsEdit Fallout 3Edit Map Location Description Chryslus Building 13, of which 5 in the reception area, 4 in the lower offices area and 4 in the basement Evergreen Mills 5 on shelves in the bazaar National Guard depot 5 on shelves in the armory L.O.B. Enterprises 4 in offices on the ground floor Vault 106 4 in the living quarters area Red Racer factory 4 on the factory floor Meresti raider’s dock 3 Abandoned apartments fo3tp 10 Fallout New VegasEdit Map Location Description HELIOS One On the reception desk on the table in corridor with overturned locker near the same table, on the floor, in front of the NCR sleeping room. Lucky 38 Casino floor, Lucky 38 penthouse, Lucky 38 presidential suite (19 in total) Crimson Caravan Company Blake’s store on a shelf Mojave Outpost barracks 7 on the shelves of the bar Mick & Ralph’s 5 Jacobstown lodge 5 Behind the scenesEdit

The cigarette’s brand name «Big Boss» may be an allusion to the popular stealth/action series Metal Gear and Metal Gear Solid. One of the primary characters in both series is code named Big Boss. Cigarettes are a recurring inventory item in almost every Metal Gear game. In addition, in Metal Gear Solid 4, the brand of cigarettes used during the game is The Boss brand, the same as in Fallout 3.

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