Cases when quitting smoking is reasonable or not

Those who quit smoking cannot suppress appetite any more. They get an extra intake of calories because they have a growing desire to eat. Then they remark that they speedily gain weight over the norm.

Ex-smokers try to consume less caloric food. For example, they try to limit their meals with muffin, cereals, juices, eggs, soups, distribute their meals into two or three foods.

And even it does not help them if they do not light cigarettes after the food. Their life becomes a hell of famina as we can literally describe.

They get into a controversy. On one hand, they want to quit smoking forever, on the other hand, they do not want to gain an extra weight. It reminds a situation with a donkey in one French town, which was described in medieval chronicles.

It is exceptionally a personal matter how to resolve this contradiction.

If people do no feel satisfied with inability to smoke, it is their choice to go on consuming tobacco products. A personal choice must be decisive. Nobody dare make an impact on people who decide to remain smokers in spite of warnings and anti-smoking propaganda.

Everything is clarified in comparison. Smoking can cause severe heart attacks; they can also be a follow of obesity caused by quitting to smoke. Smoking can provoke lung cancers. The obesity means grease accumulations in different body parts, for instance, in the brain. So, the quitting can be harmful too.

Smokers have to consider quite good whether they really have to say “good-bye” to their habit. They have to estimate both positive and negative follows of stopping to consume tobacco and make a right decision for them. This must be a private decision of everyone.

We just dare give some advices to those who would not like to quit and do that because they feel embarrassed, seeing the reaction of others on their behaviour.

There’s no need to stop using tobacco for the reasons that someone can dislike your teeth color or your breath.

Brush your teeth regularly, use chewing gums and you will escape situations when your image can suffer from replics of some eager non-smokers who are unable to withstand the slightest tobacco scent.

Keep to restrictions, prohibiting the tobacco use in certain places, do not light your cigarettes in “smoke-free” rooms, and do not provoke any cause to blame for your habit.

But these are not reasons to quit. You must respect the rights of others; they must also respect your privacy as it is a rule in a modern democratic society.

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