Cheap cigarettes Australia online vs smoking bans

There must be finally justice in the world. What is criminal if people order cheap cigarettes Australia online? We have a liberty of actions, liberty of choice. These are our constitutional rights. Am I not free at the time when we place an order to purchase cheap cigarettes online?

Let’s see … Today, at every place, the rulers shout at us there are such principles as democracy, pluralism and freedom of speech and the choice of a person … So why are anti-smoking laws, banning the tobacco consumption in public places appearing now? There is a threat of possible ban for staircases (by the way, do them, apparently, there is nothing, there will be district police officers in the houses on the floors to run), we do not exclude that they will prohibit smoking on the balcony and when you smoke at home you will need to remember to close the window, and then you will accidentally smoke the neighbors), also following the example of Europe will be prohibited to smoke cafes and restaurants…

So, for some reason, all these laws are held there at their top, without asking the opinions of people … It is known that the most people smoke, what means that the laws are carried out without regard to people’s opinions, so what kind of democracy is this … What we want and do … Maybe they have a question like that in everything, even when people are asked for opinions, so they have to show that they have rights on opinions what they have to do.

If persons purchase cheap cigarettes online, they certainly do it for a free use. As long as they do not approach anyone, they are free to smoke, because nobody will complain of second-hand smoking effects.

Who urges to issue smoking bans, has to consider that.

Or, maybe, you dare not buy kitchen knives to use them at home.

Maybe, you will have a desire to kill somebody with this knife.

This is the same nonsense logic.