Cheap cigarettes in Australia – the ways to decorate a pack of cigarettes

Any cigarette smoker, who regularly buys cheap cigarettes in Australia, cannot but keep from being interested in the appearance of a pack of cigarettes.

Not many can beautifully decorate tobacco products. More and more, there are boring analogues getting into in the market, which are similar to each other, like two drops of water. Many designers do not think how to properly and creatively approach the idea of ​​giving cheap cigarettes in Australia to the buyer. In the end, we see a simple white package with a dedicated brand in the middle. Regardless of the quality of tobacco and cigarettes themselves, such packs look cheap and aesthetically unattractive. And if the appearance is not liked by the buyer, then he/she will not give his/her money, buying it.

Thus, due to poor design, the financial side of production suffers. So what can smokers who buy cheap cigarettes in Australia pay attention to?

Let’s start with the inscriptions on the packs of cigarettes.

Most Popular Fonts

– With serifs:

Baskerville, Didot, Garamond, Georgia, Times.

Associations: traditional, refined, practical, formal.

– Sans serif: Avenir, Futura, Gill Sans, Helvetica, Verdana.

Associations: modern, clean, geometric, universal. – Handwritten: Buttermilk, Edwardian, Isabella, Snell Roundhand, Zapfino. Associations: elegant, classic, sophisticated, stylish.

– Bar-shaped: Clarendon, Copse, Josefin, Museo, Silverfake.

Associations: relevant, fashionable, friendly, whole.

The basic color when creating a design of tobacco products pack.

There are many theories about how color affects emotions. Marketers know this, so they choose certain colors in advertising to get consumers to buy goods and services. It is not just one scientist who has proved that blue color calms people, and red causes their anger. People also have different color preferences. Color affects consumer behavior. Small businesses can create distinctive images in advertising just as large corporations do it with basic colors – blue, red, green and yellow.