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As we gain knowledge as users of electronic cigarettes, it is important to keep in mind that right now somebody is trying an electronic cigarette for the very first time. They may have no idea what resistance is, what variable voltage is, what wattage is, mean versus RMS. A lot of these terms are completely alien to those unfamiliar with electronic cigarettes so I think it is important to share our knowledge and experience with these people who are just getting started with vaping, to support them and help them stay off traditional tobacco based cigarettes.

It doesn’t really matter what your electronic cigarette or personal vaporiser looks like. Electronic cigarettes come in all shapes and sizes but they all have certain things in common which we will try to explain here. A complete electronic cigarette is made up of the same basic parts. They all have some kind of power supply and some kind of a heating element that takes power from the power supply and heats up, and then some kind of juice delivery system that takes your e liquid and gets it to the heating coil and vaporises it. In other words, it’s sort of cooking the E liquid. That vapour is the vapour we take in that delivers our nicotine and delivers the flavour.

Power Supplies and Batteries

We are not going to go into too much detail about the different types of e liquid available, but we are going to look in depth at the different types of e cig hardware and tech. First of all let’s have a look at the power supplies or batteries. These come in many different shapes and sizes. Some of them are removable. They have different voltages. They have different milliamp hours or capacities. They have different battery chemistries. Just know that there is always some kind of power supply that drives a heating coil and makes it get hot and vaporises your e liquid. As vapers or users of electronic cigarettes we have a choice of what we want to screw onto that power supply to use to vaporise our e liquid’s.


One of the first things that came out was the atomizer. It is a very simple device that has a heating coil in it and a little wicking material and only holds a few drops of E liquid. Most people use atomizer’s nowadays to drip into, meaning that they just drip their juice, take a couple of drags, and when it dries out they drip in some more. Your atomizer’s come preassembled and nowadays there are lots of re buildable atomizers, meaning that when the coil burns out you can replace them and put a new coil and wick in them. For beginners, I wouldn’t recommend these, but as you gain more experience of using electronic cigarettes this is something you might want to try out.

Atomizers come with different connections. Some people prefer the 510 connection which many of the devices use nowadays have. There are other connections out there that some people prefer over the 510. The 510 connection seems to be one of the most universal connections for electronic cigarettes these days. Since we are talking about atomizers, we also have to talk about the Genesis style atomizers. These are little different from standard atomizers. Genesis style atomizers use a mesh wick that usually sits in a reservoir of juice and has the coil wrapped around the mesh. Unlike a normal atomizer these Genesis atomizers include the tank. Most genesis style atomizers are re buildable and are probably a little bit more advanced for a beginning vaper. So this is something you might want to think about after you have gained some more experience with electronic cigarettes.


So what are the next type of devices we can screw onto our power supply? This would be the cartomizer. A cartomizer is a little bit different from an atomizer. It still has a heating coil in it, but it also has some filler material that’s wrapped around the heating coil and that filler material allows you to fill this with the E liquid by soaking E liquid into that filler material. So you wind up getting a lot more vape time than by just dripping into an atomizer. Cartomizers come in different shapes, different finishes, some of them are even the mega size that hold even more e liquid for you. But they all work basically very similar in that they have a heating coil that is surrounded by some type of filler material.

These cartomizers are also very popular because you can use them in carto tanks. A carto tank is just something you put a cartomizer in. That cartomizer either needs to come pre punched or you punch a slot into it yourself, meaning that you put some holes on the side of it. The E liquid surrounds that cartomizer and soaks into it from those holes or slots and then you get even more vape time.


Finally, one of the last major types of devices that we can screw onto the power supply is a clearomizer. A clearomizer is similar to a cartomizer or a carto tank in that it holds E liquid and it also has some kind of a heating element. But the difference between a clearomizer and the cartomizer is the way the E liquid gets to the heating coil. With a cartomizer it gets to the heating coil because it’s surrounded by the filler material. With a clearomizer, typically there is some kind of a wicking system in there, be it a silica wick for example, and that wick directs the E liquid to the heating coil. So there is no filler material in there but usually just some kind of a wicking system. Some of them work really good. Some of them, especially those with the wicks on the top need to be tilted when you vape them so that the wicks can direct the e liquid to the heating coil and make for a more saturated and enjoyable vape.

So those are the three major categories of things that we can screw onto our power supply and vape off of. The electronic cigarette industry is moving so fast however, there are new things are coming out that are going to make our vape more enjoyable. But what I have discussed above are the major things that you need to be aware of as a beginner to vaping.

Thanks for bearing with us up to this point and we hope some of this makes sense to you! But we feel it’s better to try and explain some of these terms even if you don’t quite get it all at once. We’re not electronic engineers and if you keep looking around on the Internet I’m sure you will a much more detailed explanation but this is supposed to be a quick primer on the more technical aspects of electronic cigarettes.

If you have any questions regarding any of the above, please feel free to phone us (see our contact page) and we can discuss your specific needs. Keep up with our blog because we try to follow the latest developments in E Cig technology. There are new gadgets and different approaches to vaping being invented all the time. The main thing is to find something that works for you. If you’ve got a particular taste in mind, give us a call and we’ll try and find the perfect setup for you in terms of atomizer’s, cartomizers, clearomizer’s and E liquids.