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China. About smoking. Part 4
China became the 77th country that has signed WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, members of which undertake to protect the health of population and trying to achieve reduction in tobacco consumption.

China. About smoking. Part 3
In the country was introduced ban for TV advertisement of cigarettes. It is worth to mention that such ban was introduced in China back in 1966.

China. About smoking. Part 2
In PRC smoke about 60 % of men, approximately per 15 cigarettes a day.

China. About smoking. Part 1
Recently in Beijing took place two sessions CPPCC session (Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference) and NPC session (National People’s Congress).

After introducing ban on electronic cigarettes grey market will «bloom»
Ban on sale of electronic cigarettes in Latvia planned by Ministry of Health contradicts position of European Union and will further illegal trade President of the Latvian Traders Association Henrik Danusevich has declared.

Experts have named main rules of cigar smoking
Cigar smoking is considered a special ritual.

Branded cigars on XVI Habano Festival
Four brands attracted attention on XVI Habano Ferstival, they are symbol of highest quality and traditions of tobacco manufacturing on the island Partagas, HoyodeMonterrey, and Trinidad.

Smoking causes laziness
Brazilian researchers affirm that in fact cigarettes smoking is not just a vicious habit it also negatively influences all aspects of human life.

Cigarettes in Czech Republic will increase in price this summer
This summer price on cigarettes in Czech Republic will increase in price again.

Electronic cigarettes will be equaled to snuff?
Several medical communities have expressed their wonder and disappointment that Spanish legislation decided about consumption of electronic cigarettes states «El Mundo» newspaper.

Smoking Ban For English Prisons
British Prison Service wants to ban smoking in all penal institutions in England and Wales, BBC reports.

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What You Need To Know

Tobacco kills 47,000 Canadians each year.

Electronic Cigarettes What are they? How do they work? Do they work? Are they harmful? These are common questions and I will answer them here.

What are they?

Essentially they are merely vaporizers. They turn water into a mist steam using heat. Most of them have a very small amount of food grade Vegetable Glycerin or PG400. added to give it that full bodied look like smoke. It is not dangerous. Some of the electronic cigarettes have food grade flavoring such as Cherry. Mint and many more. Again these are food grade. Also, Nicotine is added for those who want it.

Is Nicotine Harmful?

If you were to gulp down a full jug of pure Nicotine I am sure the outcome will not be good. But then again, anything in excess is no good. The amount of Nicotine in an electronic cigarette is about the same as in a regular cigarette. But the harm in cigarettes comes from the tars in the tobacco, because when those tars burn, they create carcinogens, which of course cause cancer. Also when tobacco burns there are hundreds of other chemicals that are created such as Arsenic, Cyanide, and formaldehyde, to name a few.

While nicotine is addictive, the scientific evidence is that it won&#39 t cause you any harm itself. In fact there are some medical benefits.

Will I gain weight if I quit smoking?

This is a common question. Cigarettes have Nicotine in them and Nicotine enhances your metabolic rate which is good. So If you quit nicotine consumption then you may gain some weight EXCEPT if you use electronic cigarettes with Nicotine. Also, people with dementia problems find that the nicotine helps stimulate their memory. I gave my mother (who has Alzheimer&#39 s) one in her nursing home where she can&#39 t smoke cigarettes, (she was a smoker for 60 years) and she perked up.

In an electronic cigarette, the liquid is vaporized as steam nothing is burned so no dangerous chemicals are created.

Are electronic cigarettes completely 100% safe?

Well I think we all know today that there is nothing completely 100% safe. But the chance of harm from an electronic cigarette is miniscule compared to a regular cigarette. I would estimate that is would take smoking 10,000 electronic cigarettes to equal one regular cigarette. Just imagine the chemicals you are getting in a real cigarette cyanide, formaydihyde, and many more. I am sure your body would appreciate not having these chemicals

Did you hear about the chap who said he had an electronic cigarette blow up? This can not be true. First he was offered to have his medical bills paid for and he said he had none. Second, electronic cigarettes have a 1.5 Volt Battery. Have you ever known a 1.5 volt battery to blow up? And even if it did it would get real hot first and how long would you hold on to something that was real hot before you realized there was something wrong?

The Tobacco Companies do not like Electronic Cigarettes because they are a serious threat to their profits. They are not interested in the health issues in their products they don&#39 t care if people die as long as they are making money. I am sure that any negative information about electrionic cigarettes comes from the tobacco companies.