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Your home is one of the biggest investments you’ll make in a lifetime and so you want to keep it in excellent shape after all it’s a reflection of who you are and helps the resale value when life changes and causes you put it on the market to sell.

Pest infestation can cause serious damage. Termites can destroy the foundation and walls of your home. Other pests are dirty and uncomfortable, and can cause damage examples of other pests are ants, cockroaches, mice and rats.

There are preventative things you can do to avoid pest infestation in your home, especially if you live in an area with four seasons such as Virginia, Maryland or Washington, DC. You can hire a company that specializes in Maryland termite inspections, or you can follow some of these suggestions

Keep your home clean. Take out the trash, do not let it stay in your home for pests to find and consume. Keep floors free of dirt and debris that pests can live and breed in. Put dirty laundry in containers, off of the floor. Keep windowsills and doorway entrances clean. Check for signs of cockroaches, mice and rat activity.

Check your home for cracks and holes that lead to the outside your house. If your house is on a crawl space, make sure there are no holes in the floors. Skunks or other animals can enter through holes in the floor, be sure to check your closet floors. Closet floors are easy to overlook since you do not see them easily. Make sure windows are snug. Check the basement and foundation for signs of wood eating pests such as termites and ants.

Inspect the seals on your doors as poor seals can be a major entry portal for something like a mouse that can squeeze through a inch opening with no problem. A poor seal can be indicated by finding beetles and smaller bugs near the floor of the door.

Check the roof of your home for damaged shingles or holes in the roof that may let pests in your home. Animals, such as squirrels, can enter your home and cause damage and disturb your peace with they’re scratching in your walls and running in your attic.

Check your landscaping, including trees. Keep mulch and compost away from the foundations of your house. Insects can infest mulch and compost and enter your house if too close to the foundation or doors. Trees can cause damage to your roof, making an entryway for pests.

Keep excess moisture and water from collecting in your home. Some insects need water to survive, even more than food. If there are leaks in pipes, or air conditioning unit, this can serve as a drawing area for pests.

If you’re a bird lover and have feeders near your home then be aware this attracts the larger pests who are then encouraged to set up home close to the supply of food the feeder and use your house as a base.

When pest infestation is left unchecked, they can breed and become numerous. If your home is damaged by pests, it could be expensive to get rid of them. Exterminators and materials to rid your home of pests are costly and chemicals in your house can be harmful for you, your children and pets.

This can be an expensive undertaking. If your house is infested with insects, you need to call an exterminator. You will want to start by finding one that is local to your area. Like the example given above for Maryland, you may want to find a Baltimore pest control company, or search for the best pest control services in Rockville. There are many ranges in price, depending where you live and how bad the problem is. But based upon the website servicing the DC Metro area, you can expect to pay at least somewhere between $50 and $75 Dollars per visit.

Pest control services let you keep on top of the problem by providing preventative maintenance for a reasonable cost. They usually have a spring and fall control cycle where they come and spray the outside foundation to create a barrier against pests entering your home.