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It is the classic Joye eGo kit for Joye 510 atomizers fans. With a 510 atomizer and a Joye eGo C upgrade 650mAh battery, you can keep vaping for a few hours and do not need to charge battery constantly. eGo C upgrade battery has 5 clicks on/off function too. No more accidental activations.


  • 2 x Joye eGo 650mAh battery
  • 2 x Joye 510 atomizer (resistance )
  • 5 x Joye 510 prefilled cartridge (black flat marl 16mg)
  • 1 x Joye eGo USB charger (Output 4.2V/ 420mA)
  • 1 x Joye eGo wall USB adapter(US/EURO/UK Plug)
  • 2 x Joye atomizer/battery cone cover
  • 1 x English Manual


Model eGo Starter Kit 650mAh
Length 118 mm / Diameter 14 mm
Weight for single cigarette 36.8g
Nicotine content for each cartridge 0.32g
Mouthfuls for each cartridge keep 300 mouthfuls
Nicotine content of each cartridge equals traditional cigarette 20pcs
Content of battery 650mAh
Normal working voltage 3.3V 4.2V
Full battery can keep for 700 mouthfuls
Charge time 2 3 hours
Life of battery 400times charger

Get started quickly

The upgraded eGo C battery is impressed because it has 2 modes to switch. One mode is the constant voltage output mode at 3.3v, same as eGo C battery. The other mode is variable voltage mode, which works from 3.6v to can easily switch the mode according to the following steps

Switching operation and features

constant voltage output mode to new battery voltage output
1.1 When the mode is 3.3v constant output mode,you can lock the battery by 5 clicks(blue LED blinks 3 times)
1.2 By pressing button for 5 seconds, LED will change to orange with 3 blinks,the battery has switched to variable voltage output mode(battery voltage output mode).
1.3 Then you can use as usual by 5 clicks off and smoke in battery voltage output .
1.4 In new battery voltage output mode,the LED is orange and battery doesn’t have power display function.
1.5 When charging ,orange LED will blink 5 times in this new mode.

new battery voltage output to constant voltage output mode
2.1 In new battery voltage out put mode ,you can lock the battery by 5 clicks again(orange LED blinks 3 times).
2.2 By pressing button for 5 seconds,LED will change to blue with 3 the mode has switched to 3.3v constant voltage output mode.
2.3 Then you can use as usual by 5 clicks off and smoke in 3.3v constant voltage.
2.4 In 3.3v constant voltage,the battery features has no difference from present eGo C battery.
2.5 When charging,blue LED blinks 5 times in this mode.

How to and how long to charge?

Screw the battery into the USB charger
Insert the charger into a computer or the flat mini wall USB adapter
Charging time around 2.5hours

What is status of the LED indicator light when charging?

The switch light on battery will flash for several times and the LED light is red once they connect to a power source.
Then the light on battery will go out.
When the battery is fully charged, the LED light will turn to green.