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Marlboro cigarettes

Marlboro is one of the well known and the biggest selling cigarettes brand in the world, with a unique and recognizable taste. Philip Morris International the largest tobacco company is the producer of Marlboro cigarettes. Since 1972 Marlboro fags became the world’s number one cigarette brand. The true experts and connoisseurs will be able to see the true value of Marlboro cigarettes quality. Doesn’t it show the quality level? If we didn’t convince you, go on reading.

Marlboro the one and the most popular brand was introduced for the first time in 1924 as “women cigarettes” but in that time the fact of “women cigarettes” was like a culture shock and during the World War II they disappeared. Later on was decided to start new advertising campaign and promote them to the male smokers. This time Marlboro cigarettes reappeared and quickly became popular due to the wise promotional campaigns that used Marlboro man cowboy figure.

Marlboro cigarettes are made from advanced tobacco mixtures with an intense taste of a noble tobacco. Combination of purely soft smoke and pleasant taste is the key to Marlboro cigarettes’ success. This flavor really lures you to enjoy it! And this makes Marlboro cigarettes so popular among smoke lovers all over the planet.

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Tobacco and diverse premium quality additives that give to Marlboro cigarettes such a divine taste will immerse you in a whirlpool of inexpressible sensations and will help you to relax that sometimes is so needed.

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