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Phillip morris to start selling marijuana under marlboro m brand? — international business times

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Taking advantage of the ban covering only advertisements and promotions in the U.S., Phillip Morris reportedly has allocated $15 billion advertising budget to promote the new vice. It is currently negotiating with major networks and publishers to marked Marlboro M by January 2015, the report said.

Phillip Morris is said to have had bought a lot of ad airtime for Superbowl XLIX, but the advert could only be viewed in the two states, while in the other states, what will be shown would only be a static «M» logo while smoke billows in the background.


However, Clasiclite reported that the story was a hoax. It pointed out that even if the weed has been legalised in Colorado, the source of the news is the Web site whose English name translates to April 1, a day also known as April Fool’s Day when people often pull pranks and have a good laugh later.

For sure, health advocates are happy it is only a hoax.

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