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Kent cigarettes are very special and differentiate from the other cigarette brands. They suggest that only powerful people are smoking them. These cigarettes symbolize the combination of light and power it is the tobacco brand that satisfies the most demanding smokers. Kent cigarette brand is for people who don’t like to follow the rules, but like to change them. By smoking these cigarettes you will feel free.

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This tobacco brand is named after the well known former executive of Lorillard Tobacco Company Herbert Kent. When these cigarettes appeared they showed another direction in the tobacco industry. This trademark is very well known all over the world as the best tobacco product. Kent cigarettes offer to all their smokers a feeling of pleasure and relaxation. Their taste inspires everyone who tries it. This tobacco product is preferred by the smokers from different countries and with different styles.

Kent has the taste of the refined tobacco combined with selected aromatic additives. These cigarettes are produced with a special filter that is safer for smokers. Thanks to their filter they have a better taste and light flavor. Kent cigarette brand has dominated the tobacco market since 1960s and is a property of British American Tobacco Group

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From the very beginning tobacco has been produced for pipe smoking, chewing and snuff. Cigarettes became known in the early 1600s and had been around in crude form. Cigarettes became widely popular on American market only after the Civil War. In 1882, the cigarette was a specialty item, which was made by hand and sold for a penny a piece.

On one hand, cigarette companies spent a lot of time during recent 50 years denying any connection between smoking and disease. On the other hand cigarette companies spent lots of time and money to develop «safe cigarettes». The «safe cigaretes» needed to satisfy smokers demands for taste and nicotine delivery, aswell as to soothe public health concerns. In 1950s, Phillip Morris(manufacturer of Marlboro, Parliament, L&M, Virginia cigarettes brands) researches saw the potential of «safe cigarettes» and even suggested that the cigarette company would still increase its fortune by admitting that smokes were harmful. That would have given the leading cigarette company to attack their opponents who did not have safer cigarettes.

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