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They also have shops in the malls called Smokers Centre. There is one right oposite Carrefour in Mall of the Emirates for example.

All of the supermarkets stock cigarettes, either at the tills or in a separate section (like you would see in Asda or Tesco for example)

And to put things in perspective we are talking less than 10 for 200 at cheapest place and less than 11 for 200 at the most expensive place so buy them at the place that is most convenient for you, which as a visitor is likely to be the airport (then you don&#39 t have to make another trip for cigarettes)

All of the usual brands are available but if you say which brand then we can say for sure.

#1 cheap cigarettes online!

Marlboro cigarettes Marlboro brand was launched in 1924 and initially marketed as the first women’s cigarettes. «Femininity» of Marlboro cigarettes was emphasized not only by their elegant design, but also by appropriate slogan «Mild as May». Packaging was also designed to interest female audience. For example, Marlboro first filter cigarettes’ had a red stripe, which helped solve two problems at once hide a trace of lipstick and protect teeth from yellowing. But despite all efforts, the brand hasn’t received a wide popularity, and after several decades, female Marlboro brand was reclassified in male. The central character of the new advertising campaign was a cowboy and demand for Marlboro cigarettes rose instantly.
Thanks to Marlboro cigarettes unique flavor and wide advertising campaign, which includes the Ferrari team supporting, Marlboro have become popular all over the world. Today, the production company Philip Morris is based in different countries and holds more than 50% of the cigarette market. Buy Marlboro cigarettes… Winston cigarettes In 1954, according to legend, Winston cigarettes were born thanks to Darren Edward one of the directors of RJR Tobaco Company. While vacationing in Switzerland, he for the first time tried (popular in Europe) filtered cigarettes. This novelty liked him and when he returned to the United States, Edward proposed to RJR Tobaco Company directors create something similar for American consumer. The novelty was named Winston in honor of the city, where was opened the first factory of RJR Tobaco Company, Winston Salem city (North Carolina). Winston became the first series produced cigarettes with filter in United States.
Winston cigarettes brand manufactured by JTI, has the second highest sales in the world, sold in 80 countries. Winston brand has 27% of cigarette market share. Buy Winston cigarettes… Camel cigarettes Camel cigarettes with a unique blend of dark and light varieties of tobacco Famous American Camel cigarettes are manufactured since 1913. Perhaps this is one of the most conservative cigarette brands throughout the history, packaging design has remained practically unchanged with recognizable font, and Camel Joe, which for nearly one hundred years symbolize the brand.
The popularity of the brand has come after a changes of ownership in Richard Reynolds company, which due to the fall in demand for pure tobacco in favor of cigarettes, decided to make basic rate to cigarette products.
The new strategy selected by tobacco company definitely had a big success, as result for many years Camel cigarettes are popular not only in America but around the world. Buy Camel cigarettes…

Menthol Cigarettes
Newport cigarettes Newport cigarette brand launched in North Carolina, United States by tobacco company Lorillard Tobacco, in 1957 is one of the first cigarette manufacturers that produced menthol cigarettes in USA. This brand endured many ups and downs and become a leading manufacturer of American cigarettes, 35% of menthol cigarette sales in the US. During half a century history, Newport brand always tried to please its fans, during this time Newport cigarette brand completely changed its filter from one with a «hint of mint» to a new perforated filter, that protect brand fans against ingress of harmful substances. Moreover new filter helped to stronger the taste of cigarettes, this allowed smokers to feel better original tobacco blend and mint aromas of Newport cigarettes. Buy Newport cigarettes… Salem cigarettes Salem is one of the cigarette brands that makes the history of American cigarettes. Salem brand was launched in in the middle of the 20th century, in 1956 when for first time appeared menthol cigarettes with filter, and of course, the Salem brand took its place in the U.S. cigarette market. Of course this brand had a lot of ups and downs, but but it held its positions. Largely thanks to unique tobacco blended with Asian Menthol rather than the traditional mainstream Menthol, largely thanks the good work of the brand managers and designers that change Salem cigarette package. But despite this Salem cigarette brand continues to delight its fans with good quality and good taste of cigarettes. Buy Salem cigarettes…

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    • Store. If you wish to add a location that sells cigarettes, you must create an account, sign in, and press the "Add Location" button you may then search for you brand, find it at that location and change the price! If you do not see any results in your search radius please email us with your curren

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