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I have to say, either the other reviewers have lost their memories, or they did not have the same candy cigarettes that i had as a kid. These are not the same things, they are a cheap knock off with a different taste and texture. I am saddened by the people who thought these were the same things, that some of us remember as a kid. Maybe they are younger than me and did not get to taste the wonderfulness of the original ones or maybe they have just forgotten.

These imitations are just as someone else had stated on a different set of the same cigarettes. I thought maybe since this one had better reviews, that it might be a different manufacturer selling the same cigarettes. However i was wrong. The other person is absolutely right. These cigarettes do not have that chalky texture that the originals had. Sure you may say, well isn’t that a good thing. No, it is not. It wasn’t like they tasted like chalk. If anyone remembers pepto bismal and how it was the only thing you actually didn’t mind taking when you were sick. You remember that flavor was very similar to the flavor of candy cigarettes. The new texture is more gooey and chewy, which just doesn’t feel the same when you eat them.

The flavor was similar to wintergreen breath savers, but a little different in the originals and the new one is an off flavor of the same but just doesn’t taste as good to me. This product has left me completely disappointed, since i was hoping to get the same candy cigarettes i had as a kid, but am now left with 24 boxes of candy cigarettes that i do not even enjoy. If you are a fan of the originals and remember the greatness of them, you will be hugely disappointed when these arrive.Read more