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Some consumers in the United States claim they have found a noticeable difference in the taste of FSC cigarettes from non FSC cigarettes, comparing it to a copper or metallic taste. Other symptoms reported include an itchy rash, (allergic reaction), severe headache, heart problems, nerve damage, serious negative mental effects, circulation issues, vomiting, diarrhea, mouth sores, and nose bleeds. Many of these symptoms are also closely associated with carbon monoxide (CO) toxicity. When organic matter is burned with insufficient oxygen, carbon monoxide (CO) is produced. FSC cigarettes are designed to self extinguish by reducing the oxygen supply to the burning tobacco. The health risks associated with increased long term (CO) exposure range from mild to severe, and are well documented. Currently there are no studies linking FSC cigarettes to increased (CO) levels. There has been a rise in people rolling their own cigarettes instead of continuing to smoke FSC and there have also been petitions regarding FSC. One current petition has been signed by over 50,000 people that attest to the negatives of FSC cigarettes.

Currently there are no findings published on the long term health effects on humans of inhaling EVA co polymers. Results of tests conducted on rodents show the risks associated with ‘Ethylene Vinyl Acetate copolymer emulsion based adhesive’ include triggering the cellular proliferation necessary for tumor development. 33

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