Cigarettes and preschoolers don’t go together

Cigarettes and Preschoolers Don t Go Together

Tax Creates Long Term Financial Instability

Washington, D.C., August 14, 2013 President Obama s recent proposal to pay for preschool programs using cigarette tax revenues relies too heavily on an unstable revenue source and would cause states to carry future financial burdens for which they might be unprepared, according to a new report by the nonpartisan Tax Foundation.

If taxpayers want to pursue universal preschool programs, we must do so using broad based revenue sources which don t rely on a small, diminishing portion of the population to pay a disproportionate share of the costs, said Tax Foundation economist Scott Drenkard. Cigarette consumption has declined steadily since 1963.

As cigarette taxes increase, consumption is expected to decrease further, resulting in an even smaller population of revenue producing smokers. Although the tax will raise enough revenue in the first decade, the administration predicts a decline towards the end of the ten year window, estimating only $6 billion in revenue in 2023. Spending on the program for that year would approach $8 billion, creating a $2 billion deficit.

Each state s share of the cost would also increase over time. In the first two years, states would spend just 10 cents for every dollar the federal government provides, but eventually would pay three dollars for every dollar of federal funding.

While this plan provides a generous federal subsidy to states in the short term, many states aren t in a position to finance this program in the long term, added Drenkard. The plan expects states to spend money that they might not have.

Tax Foundation Fiscal Fact No. 390, Cigarettes and Preschoolers Don t Go Together by Scott Drenkard and Noah Glyn, is available online.

The Tax Foundation is a nonpartisan research organization that has monitored fiscal policy at the federal, state and local levels since 1937. To schedule an interview, please contact Communications Associate Richard Borean at 202 464 5120 or borean

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What is E Liquid?

Also called eLiquid, Juice, E Juice, Nicotine Fluid, smoke juice, etc. E Liquid is the nicotine or non nicotine solution used your electronic cigarette. V2 Flavor cartridges are pre filled with e Liquid. You can open a used cartridge and add more e liquid or purchase V2 blank cartridges and fill them yourself.

What is dripping?

Dripping in the electronic cigarette world is the process of manually adding e liquid solution to your cartridge or cartomizer. It s an affordable and easy way to refill used cartridges and fill your own blank cartridges.

Why use E liquid?

  • E liquid is ideal for people who use e cigs frequently and go through cartridges quickly
  • E liquid is less expensive than pre filled cartridges and saves money
  • Ideal for people who have repeat problems with their cartridges losing taste
  • It gives you more control over product performance
  • It can give you more vapor, better taste and throat hit

How many times can I refill my V2 cartridges?

Cartridges can be refilled from 5 to as many as 20 times depending on several factors including voltage, vaping style and type of e juice. Refill as soon as the vapor amount is reduced or the flavor starts to change. To maintain your cartridges, don t let them dry out. Dry cartridges can burn and ruin the taste. It is not recommended to re use a cartridge once it has a burnt taste.

How long will my filled cartridge last?

A well saturated cartridge will usually last for a day or much longer, depending on how much you use it, voltage and vaping style.

What if I mix the flavors?

If you add a new flavor of V2 e liquid to a prefilled cartridge without cleaning, the flavors will mix. Use your imagination to create your own custom flavor! Adding Menthol to a chocolate cartridge will produce a chocolate mint. Make vanilla mint by adding menthol or peppermint to a vanilla prefilled cartridge.

Can I clean my cartridges?

Some people clean their cartridges to extend their life or if they want to change flavors. There are many ways to do this including cleaning, washing and boiling them. You can also remove and replace the filler. Check Youtube for demonstrations on how to do this. V2 Cigs will soon release our own instructional videos on the subject.

How do I fill my cartridges with E liquid?

There are many ways to add e liquid to your cartridge. We will be highlighting just a few of them. The trick is to find the easiest and most convenient method for you.

Before you start

Proceed with caution. Light, medium and full strength V2 Premium E Liquid contain nicotine, which can be absorbed through the skin and cause irritation. Wash exposed areas well with water and do not ingest liquid. Store your e liquid away from children and pets and always close bottle securely to ensure a safety seal.

V2 Drip Tip (recommended as easiest method)

  • Remove white cartridge end cap by inserting small tool (tweezer, paperclip or toothpick work well) into small center hole and prying off
  • Attach a V2 Drip Tip to the mouthpiece end of your cartridge
  • Drip e liquid directly into drip tip hole
  • Remove drip tip and wait for e liquid to absorb fully for 20 minutes OR
  • Keep drip tip on and vape through the drip tip. This is good for people who refill often and like the soft rubber drip tip (simulates a soft filter feel in the mouth for those who like to sink their teeth into their e cig)

Drip Method #1

  • Remove any rubber safety caps from your cartridge and ensure the battery is not attached.
  • The white cap on top of your cartridge is removable. Fit something small like a paperclip end into the intake hole in the middle and gently pry the cap off. If you see circular O ring, pull it out.
  • Inside, you will see a center post and white filler surrounding it. Do not add liquid to the center post.
  • Fill the dropper in the V2 e liquid cap fully.
  • Holding your cartridge at an angle, carefully drip e liquid around the inside edge of the cartridge until filler is wet. For a new cartridge, this will take 10 18 drops.
  • You may need to do this several times, letting the filler soak up the liquid in between drops
  • Replace white cap and clean off any e liquid around the edge
  • It is recommended to let sit for 20 minutes before use

A variation on Drip Method #1

  • Add 5 6 droplets in circular pattern to open cartridge
  • Hold the cartridge steady at a 70 degree angle and continue adding 3 drops at a time
  • Wait for e liquid to absorb
  • Total e liquid about 15 20 drops

The Condom Method

Not that type of condom. Condoms are the little rubber safety caps on new cartridges save them.

  • Squeeze 6 10 drops of e liquid into one condom
  • Push the filled condom all the way onto the mouth end of an empty cartridge
  • Juice will be forced into the cartridge
  • Place another empty condom onto the threaded end of the cartridge
  • To prevent juice leakage, you can do the Taryn Spin (below)

The Taryn Spin

  • Use a V2 lanyard or some other modified equivalent
  • Place your filled and condomed cartridge inside
  • Spin
  • The centrifugal force will force liquid into the filler
  • Do not spin with the battery attached!

The Direct Drip

  • Plug cartridge thread end with a condom
  • Remove white mouthpiece end cap and any O ring with paper clip or tweezers
  • Stand cartridge up, with open end facing up
  • Squeeze drops of e liquid down the walls of the cartridge (15 20 drops)
  • Replace O ring (if present) and mouthpiece end cap
  • Cover with condom and let sit for at least 20 minutes
  • Make sure threads are dry before replacing on battery

Another easy method

  • Fill condom or small plastic cap halfway with e liquid
  • Carefully drop threaded end of cartridge into cap
  • cartridge will slowly absorb e liquid from the bottom up

The Reverse Drip (ideal for quickly topping off)

  • Remove cartridge from battery
  • Carefully drip e liquid into threaded cartridge hole
  • You will see liquid disappear into hole
  • Don t fill too fast or liquid will spill into cartridge threads
  • Clean off any residue
  • Let sit for a few minutes before use


  • To avoid getting e liquid into the center post, insert a toothpick into the post to cover it
  • If e liquid gets into the center post, simply place a napkin on the screw end of the cartridge and blow out into the cartridge from the mouthpiece end
  • Blow on cartridge a few times after refilling to expel extra e juice
  • Avoid over filling which causes a waste and a gunky battery connector
  • Refilling your cartomizer too many times may wear out the filler, resulting in a burnt taste
  • Freshen your cartomizer by running warm water through it and let dry a full 24 hours before filling

Have you found an easy way to fill your cartridges or have tips not mentioned here? Send your favorite methods to biggestfan to add to the V2 Cigs E Liquid Guide.