Cigarettes: can you buy or smoke them?

Can you buy or smoke cigarettes? Yes and no. The law doesn t say that people under age 18 can t smoke cigarettes, cigarillos or cigars. But the law does have a lot of rules restricting your access to these products.

In Quebec you can t do these things

And if you do?

Under 18

At a point of sale (convenience store, gas station, etc.)

  • buy or accept free tobacco products
  • ask an adult to buy some for you

In other places

  • buy tobacco products
  • You aren’t breaking the law.
  • The person who provides you with tobacco products is breaking the law and could be fined!

At any age, like other people!

  • smoke inside and outside in some public places
  • You are breaking the law.
  • You could be fined!

Despite these restrictions, no law makes smoking illegal. Do you find this strange?

Why does the law stop you from buying tobacco products, but not prevent you from smoking? If the purpose is to prevent you from smoking or prevent the harm to your health, wouldn t it be better to ban all consumption of tobacco products?

Some people believe that making smoking illegal is not the solution. In their opinion, it s more efficient to restrict your access to tobacco products (through a price increase, for example) or help you make informed choices (through awareness campaigns about the harmful effects of tobacco, for example).

What do you think? Should the law do more to regulate the consumption of tobacco by people under age 18?

How to buy electronic cigarettes with nicotine if you live in australia.

You might have heard that it is illegal to buy electronic nicotine cigarettes in the Land Down Under. Crickey!

But this is not true. You CAN in fact buy e cigarettes containing nicotine if you live in Australia. You just have to order them via international post under the following guidelines and considerations

Infographic on how to buy electronic cigarettes with nicotine if you live in Australia.

Pave your path to True Freedom. Start here.

Regulations from the Australian Therapeutic Goods Act 1990.

E Cigarettes containing Nicotine in Australia

Electronic cigarettes and personal vaporizers are becoming more and more popular worldwide as an alternative to tobacco cigarettes. They still contain the nicotine that your body craves and the avour that you enjoy, but without the carcinogens, tar, carbon monoxide, and other negative aspects of smoking. E cigarettes and personal vaporizers are used very similarly to regular cigarettes, but operate with a battery that vaporizes an e liquid nicotine solution as you inhale.

So you won’t be booted to the bush every time you want a puff!

E Cigarette Regulations in Australia

The laws in Australia do state that it is illegal to sell, advertise, and import for resale electronic cigarettes and related products that contain nicotine. Therefore, the many e cig companies based in Australia that you may be familiar with can only sell electronic cigarettes and products that contain no nicotine.

However, it is very essential to have nicotine in your e cigarette in order to make a successful transition from tobacco based cigarettes to e cigs . If not, you will still crave the nicotine and find yourself bumming OP’s to satisfy your need.

People of Oz, no worries! You can simply order your nicotine e cigarettes, e cigars, personal vaporizers, and e liquid online from a company based outside of Australia, and have them delivered directly to your door.

Ok, we’ll admit it. To order is easy, but not a simplistic decision. Before you order, you must also carefully choose the right nicotine strength and avor that fits you.

Read on.

Not only do you need nicotine to transition, it has to be the right nicotine strength that matches your current cigarette nicotine levels. If you are currently a smoker, your body craves a certain level of nicotine and will continue to do so until that craving is met. If you choose an e liquid nicotine strength that is too low, your body will crave more nicotine and you will most likely return to your tobacco cigarettes, concluding that the e cigarettes do not work for you. If you choose an e liquid nicotine strength that is too high, the experience could be too intense, also leading away.

So make sure to initially order the appropriate nicotine strength for you. Veppo offers 6 different e liquid nicotine strengths to match the nicotine level your body is used to. See the chart below

Also important upon ordering your e liquid is choosing a avor that you enjoy. Whether you use a classic tobacco avor, menthol, clove, or alternative pallets such as fruity or savory, Veppo has the avor you need to transition successfully.

Need some help? Veppo’s Customer Service Ninjas are positioned to assist you, 6 days a week.

Hey, Aussies, you CAN vape e cigs with nicotine!

Now that you have the context for smart ordering, here’s what IS the legal way for Australians to purchase e cigarette products with nicotine

In order to purchase electronic cigarettes with the nicotine you want and need, you must order them from outside the country and have them imported. The law in Australia states it is legal to import a 3 month supply of e liquid nicotine for personal use. But what is considered a 3 month supply? That answer is still unclear, so use good personal judgment when ordering.

There is no import prohibition from customs on electronic cigarettes with nicotine for personal use. Also, there are no customs fees for orders under $1000 AUD.

That’s it! No biggie. Now you’re good to go.

Here’s a step by step checklist while ordering (in case you missed the gigantic infographic above)

  • Go to You’re already here!
  • Choose your style of electronic cigarette or personal vaporizer

  • Choose your e liquid nicotine strength and avor(s)