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Smoking > e-cigarettes / crawley wellbeing / provided by west sussex county council and crawley borough council

E cigarettes

E cigarettes are becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to smoking or as a way to quit smoking. There is an assumption that, as they only contain nicotine, they are less harmful than tobacco. However, e cigarettes are not regulated which means that you can’t be sure of the ingredients or the amount of nicotine they contain.

In West Sussex, health professionals do not support the use of e cigarettes as a tool to quit smoking. This is due to the lack of regulation and lack of research into their effectiveness in helping people quit. Leading experts are also cautious about e cigarettes as the harms they can cause are still unknown.

The government has recently banned the sale of e cigarettes to under 18s. As 80% of adult smokers first started smoking before the age of 20, this hopefully will reduce the likelihood that young people will become smokers.

More information about e cigarettes can be found in this leaflet or from the West Sussex Stop Smoking Service (telephone 0300 100 1823).