Cigarettes UK

Cigarettes vary by strength (the content of nicotine and other toxic substances and aromas (usual, flavored, menthol cigarettes). But the common feature is that each brand can be purchased as very cheap cigarettes while ordering it by web marketers.
Strong: are usually spread in packs, having red, less often black shades.
Light cigarettes: packs in which such cigarettes are distributed, usually have a blue color or its derivatives.
Super-light: the packs are mostly gray or silver.
Extracorporeal: the packs are mostly white.

Menthol cigarettes UK, containing special chemical additives in their tobacco, giving cigarettes a taste of menthol. Bundles almost always have a predominantly green color in the design.
We were suddenly hooked by the Pall Mall menthol, so much so that they became basic, for everyday use, after getting a chance to order them as cheap cigarettes. Despite the democratic price, they meet three main wishes: very soft, light (superslim, 0.5 nicotine, 5 pitches) and with expressive menthol taste.

Other cheap cigarettes did not impress us, and these did very much. Menthol taste is more expressive than that of competitors of the same price segment. Attracts by the softness of taste.
More than menthol Pall Mall, we like only menthol cheap cigarettes Kent. It tastes slightly different, fresher, more subtle … Kent is more delicious, but, interestingly, we often can not smoke it. And it is not because it costs more. Maybe, because it’s too fresh? We consider it as dessert, and Pall Mall – as the main dish. But this is a matter of taste, pure subjectivity.
Objectively, the fans of menthol cheap cigarettes from budget brands will recommend Pall Mall.
We do not change this cigarette preference since already 2 years.

Except for the excellent aroma, it is easy to order this brand as cheap cigarettes on web stores. That is what we love them for.