Cigarettes with a variety of flavors

Modern cigarette manufacturers produce a huge selection of tobacco products. The wide assortment of cigarettes is due to variations in tobacco varieties, richness of taste and the presence of aromatic additives.

Many smokers are concerned that this habit could be detrimental to their well-being and health. This forced manufacturers to work hard to find alternative ways to improve their products. Thus, light and super-light cigarettes appeared, which are more gentle on the human body. Lifa Strawberry cigarettes hit many consumers with their amazing strawberry aroma, which is impossible to forget.

Varieties of cigarettes
There are many varieties of cigarettes, which allows you to choose exactly what you like the most. Depending on the content and format, tobacco products are divided into the following classifications:

Standard. They are tough. For the design of a pack of such cigarettes, red and black shades are used. Such cigarettes are chosen by smokers with long experience.

Slim and super slim. These cigarettes have an average strength and aesthetic appearance, which is created with the help of a long filter. They contain some nicotine and tar. Light-colored materials are used for the manufacture of packaging.

Non-filter cigarettes.

Lightweight tobacco products in thin format are considered female cigarettes. In order to make them more pleasant and tasty, manufacturers use special aromatic additives.

What are the flavors of cigarettes?
Initially, this began with the addition of menthol flavor to tobacco products. This led to dramatic changes in their taste. The cigarettes became refreshing and tender, which many consumers liked.

Over time, the market was filled with cigarettes with a variety of flavors. Leafa Slims strawberry cigarettes have become one of the most popular cigarettes among smokers. In addition to the strawberry flavor, cigarettes are produced with apple, cherry, peach, citrus or chocolate aromas.

There are also tobacco products in which the manufacturer has built two flavor capsules. Thanks to this, you can choose what you like best, mix and combine flavors.

The price of Lifa Strawberry cigarettes, like most flavored cigarettes, is low. You can buy strawberry bodice cigarettes both wholesale and retail. They are made from quality raw materials, have a fresh aroma and a pleasant aftertaste.