Clan cigarettes — always true to quality

Smoke lovers know how important it is to choose a quality mixture. And such a product has all the characteristics of a real noble tobacco. The tobacco blends are based on the highest grades of extra class

Clan cigarettes can provoke you in a very positive way. Caramel and chocolate are used as flavoring base, which provides the mixture with an intense aroma. This special combination is enhanced with selected Burley, as well as Black Cavendish and, as a finishing note — Latakia, added for an intriguing taste and evident contrast. The tobacco is not too sweet and has an aftertaste of cocoa and spices. This is what smokers want to try — unlike and at the same time incomprehensible.

You can purchase this item online. A respectable store since its inception, has never tried to instill bad habits in its customers. On the contrary, everything is aimed only at raising tobacco consumption to a civilized level.

What are Clan cigarettes?

Clan is one of the best selling brands among tobacco aficionados. To get to the bottom of the truth and find out the secret of the brand name is real, having come into contact with the history of the Gaulish language. Clan means the children of the family. So were called the people living in the mountains of Scotland. Courage and valor were the main features of those inhabitants. But their most important qualities were the preservation of traditions and respect for their family. Each member of the clan wore a coat of arms on the shield, each of them had a characteristic pattern on the kilt, and it is called tartan. At the moment, one of the Clan emblems is depicted on the packaging of the Clan brand. This red shield seems to plunge us into history, proving how carefully the company preserves traditions and is always true to quality. A different pattern of kilts was also reproduced in the design of the packaging. There are many different tobacco products and the same number of tartans. Each variety is an amazing ornament, as well as a corresponding unique taste.