Clan cigarettes attract both older smokers and the younger generation

Clan cigarettes is a product consisting of a mixture of fourteen different varieties and types of tobacco, among which there are at least four types of only one type of Virginia. Moreover, these cigarettes include Dark Cavendish, Kentucky and Burley. This combination has a mild taste of caramel, chocolate and whiskey, which cannot but attract even the most capricious smoker.

Do you want to learn an effective way to quickly relax after a hard and fruitful working day? All you need is Clan cigarettes and a glass of full-bodied ten-year-old white wine on a warm autumn evening. No wonder smoking has long been considered a gentleman’s prerogative.

The online store will always help you order and receive this unforgettable product on time. But the fact is that a serious online store cooperates with the world’s largest suppliers of tobacco products, which is why there is always such a huge selection of products. The online catalog contains all the most popular varieties of cigarettes and tobacco. Here every visitor will find a product to their liking. Do you like stronger sensations? Try this brand! Prefer a softer, more subtle aroma? And there is plenty to choose from! This is something that you should definitely like.

Advantages of online ordering of these products: A wide selection of mixtures from the brand “Clan”. Affordable prices. Fast delivery. Clan is exactly those cigarettes that you want to return to again and again precisely because of the unsurpassed component. Quality, true quality can never be confused!

What are Clan cigarettes?

This product has been known for more than 60 years, and it is literally immediately recognized by its special aroma. Clan attracts both older smokers and the younger generation. This brand has a unique, natural and sweet-tart taste bouquet, which is complemented by caramel and chocolate notes. While smoking, you feel the freshness of the coniferous forest, which hides the tones of dried fruits. And in the aftertaste there is bittersweet dark chocolate. This product combines everything a smoker needs and everything that makes him a smoker! This is the quality, the depth of taste and the expansion of smoking knowledge!