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TuesdayВ in the European Parliament in Strasbourg, the smell of cigarettes was probably in all MEPв sВ noses as they votedВ the revised tobacco products directive. Concerning the e cigarettes, they decided to not regulate them as a medical product.В Belgian MEP FrГ dГ rique Ries, who is the spokesperson for the Liberal and Democrat Group onВ tobacco products, was really pleased with this new decision. For her, classifying e cigarettes as medicine does not make sense.

The European Parliament voted in favor of not classifying e cigarettes as a medicinal product. This was one of the main pointsВ includedВ inВ the revised tobacco products directive.В E cigarettes wonв t be sold in chemists andВ not be subject to the same rules as medicinal products, but they willВ be regulated. For the Belgian MEP,В в it would have made no practical sense to deprive customers of access to the new electronic products that are proving successful in weaning people off the harmful effects of tobacco».

Classifying e cigarettes as medicine does not make sense by Euranet Plus Official

European commission — olaf — cigarette smugglers in lithuania caught with 70 million cigarettes

Nine people have been arrested in Lithuania in a criminal investigation which the European Anti Fraud Office (OLAF) has been coordinating for over a year. The investigation, involving law enforcement authorities in Lithuania, Poland and Germany, resulted in the seizure of almost 70 million cigarettes, preventing losses of 6 million to the European taxpayer.

«This is a great result and I would like to congratulate the investigation team, particularly the Lithuanian Customs who initiated this investigation,» said Mr Giovanni Kessler, Director General of OLAF. «Coordinated international cooperation is the key to success, as this case clearly demonstrates. Significant financial losses have been prevented and OLAF will continue to support this investigation to bring the perpetrators to justice.»

The nine suspects have been detained for three months by the Lithuanian courts pending further investigations. All of the cigarettes seized in this investigation were smuggled from Russia and Ukraine.

Financial losses to the EU and Member States budgets as a result of cigarette smuggling are estimated to be 10 billion a year.

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