Current price in us$ for legitimate us/european cigarettes in china?

American brands Marlboro, Salem, and Parliament are the most commonly available western cigarettes in China. They are sold at hyper markets (Tesco, Carrefour), supermarkets (Dia, Hua Lian), and convenience stores (Family Mart, All Days). Their retail price is around 15 yuan (US$2.30) per pack. Western brands have a relatively small share of the Chinese cigarette market.

A wider variety of western brands are available at duty free shops at China’s international airports. The British brands 555 and Dunhill are the probably the biggest sellers at China’s airports.

Double Happiness is the best selling cigarette brand in China. Double Happiness is a domestic Chinese brand.

Euobserver / eu ministers endorse ban on menthol cigarettes

The European Commission had proposed a warning to cover 75 percent of the package but health ministers agreed to 65 percent. Member states are free to implement a larger size.

Similar warnings would also extend to electronic cigarettes, herbal products for smoking, and any tobacco product that enters the market after the directive goes into force.

Labels such as &#x2018 natural&#x2019 or &#x2018 organic&#x2019 must also be removed.

Reilly described smoking as one of the &#x201C greatest, preventable, avoidable threats to people&#x2019 s health&#x201D .

The commission estimates some 700,000 people die from tobacco related illnesses every year in the EU with many others suffering from chronic illnesses. Costs to the health care systems hover around &#x20AC 25 billion.

&#x201C The economic arguments for not intervening can carry no weight&#x2026 it can never be a choice between jobs and lives,&#x201D said Reilly.

Reilly said the design of slim cigarette packages are geared to appeal to young people.

&#x201C We have to take every opportunity we can to make sure more people not become enslaved to this product,&#x201D he said.

He said more research is also needed to gauge the level of harm caused by electronic cigarettes because they contain nicotine.

&#x201C To promote it as a safe alternative, when we can&#x2019 t say that for certainty, is problematic for me,&#x201D he noted.

&#x201C I&#x2019 ll continue fighting until we do reach a stage where we have a tobacco free Europe,&#x201D he said.

The new rules should come into force in three to four years but must first make their way through the European Parliament&#x2019 s lead committee in July.

Formal negotiations with the parliament will start afterwards.

For his part, EU health commissioner Tonio Borg welcomed the decision, describing the ministerial discussions around the directive as &#x201C nail biting&#x201D .

The commission has said it wants to reduce the number of smokers by 2.4 million over the next five years.

&#x201C I think today we have done a first step, which is not the last step, but an important first step,&#x201D he said.