Davidoff cigarettes –a masterpiece of unique approach

cigarettesZino Davidoff is the great name of everything that is exclusive, but it also became the name of the famous Davidoff cigarettes brand. A talented businessman, he became famous for the fact that he was able to turn his goods into a symbol of respectability and luxury. Zino Davidoff, who was called as the cigar king, argued that the method to enjoy a cigar is the ability to live and enjoy every moment, turning it into happiness.

The Davidoff Cigarettes are a recognized quality standard in the world of tobacco products. Everyone knows that the world-famous brand originated from Switzerland, but many will be surprised to know that the head of the manufacturing company was a Ukrainian native Zinovy ​​Gilelevich Davydov. His parents distributed tobacco goods in Chernihiv, and later in Kiev, but under the pressure of anti — semitic pursuit immigrated with a little child to Switzerland.

Zino showed interest to the tobacco business, still being very young. Having gained experience in leading Latin American tobacco and cigars manufacturing companies, Zino Davydov moved back to Switzerland and founded his own tobacco company, which exclusively sold the branded Cuban cigars. Luxury and quality of tobacco products, which were offered by a young businessman, made a small tobacco shop to a popular tobacco company.

After having reached a significant success, Zino began manufacturing own cigarettes, which were composed of high-quality tobacco sorts from the Argentina, Brazil and Cuban plantations. The original taste, inimitable design, and the unprecedented customer preference care made the Davidoff brand to a trendsetter in the world of tobacco products. Competent marketing efforts made the company to a major manufacturer, having offices worldwide. In 50-70 years, the Davidoff cigarettes got the names of elite French wines that caught the attention of the aristocracy and upper classes. A pack of Davidoff cigarettes symbolized the success and high status of its owner.

70 years after the appearance of the Davidoff cigarettes in tobacco stores, they have still not lost their charm and success. The unique mixture of the best tobacco sorts of Latin America, flavor and different scents, which are similar to the real Cuban cigars, satisfied smoke and distinctive aftertaste made these products exclusively competitive.

Exactly as many years ago, Davidoff is a synonym of luxury, refined taste, quality standard and an example to follow in the field of advertising.