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Imperial Tobacco has launched a new line in the Davidoff cigarette range, Davidoff iD. It is being introduced to the trade at TFWA Asia Pacific in Singapore. The blend is said to be a crafted masterpiece of taste and flavour . Each item contains quality paper and colourful tipping adds a finishing touch, the brand owner said. iD also has a unique pack with innovative finishes, creative details and lively colours that contrast with its modern black or stylish ivory. When the pack is opened a range of different designs will appear. Behind each iD logo lies commissioned artwork from selected artists all over the world. Each design is said to bring the pack to life.

  • &#9658 Shipped by 2,3 and 4 cartons per 1 parcel signature required.
  • &#9658 Shipping price $8 per carton!!!

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    According to federal law Indians are exempt from paying taxes this includes taxes on products such as cigarettes and tobacco. Because of this people would often travel miles just to buy cigarettes from an indian reservation. With our site you will not have to take such measures to get your cigarettes. We are an online retailer of cigarettes and can get you brands from all over the world to your door in the quickest time possible. Our prices are comparable to those that buy cigarettes from an indian reservation, only without the travel.

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