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NEWS SHORT Smoking ban in pubs is repealed in Saxony
Constitutional court of German Federal Land Saxony partly repealed the action of the law of non smokers protection at March, 27.Till the end of 2009 Japan Tobacco will close factory in Austria and Great Britain
Japan Tobacco Inc. reported about closing of two factories in Linz, Austria. This decision has been taken in the context of the program of production consolidation on the grounds of recently bargain of Gallaher Company.Nicotine helps to get the better of depression
Nicotine plaster may considerably alleviate depression of nonsmokers, as American scientists have established. Cigars and women in history
Woman with cigar is a fascinating sight and we can say that it is very sexy. There are no special sorts of cigars for women, so, woman can smoke any cigars brands, as men do. Cigarette says
Only 2% of smokers could not distinguish Parliament cigarettes from Marlboro lights with closed eyes.Beyonce shocked tobacco fighters

Beyonce shocked tobacco fighters

The members of Australian antitobacco union QUIT were indignant watching posters of Beyonces new concert tour.

Vogue. New style
British American Tobacco Russia launched renovated Vogue cigarettes.
Vogue Bleue, Vogue Lilas and Vogue Menthe of new style appeared at Russian market at the end of August, 2007.Cut it off!

British American Tobacco launched new pack of Pall Mall cigarettes with cut angles, Pall Mall Pallmpack.

Cigarette brand
Nowadays every person knows the meaning of such word combination as cigarette brand. The name of cigarette brand speaks for itself. It can say about the quality and price of cigarettes. Innovation for sophisticated smokers
Recognized pipe tobacco producer produced cigarettes with pipe tobacco Tradition under the license of Von Eicken. The cigarettes found its audience.

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On one hand, cigarette companies spent a lot of time during recent 50 years denying any connection between smoking and disease. On the other hand cigarette companies spent lots of time and money to develop «safe cigarettes». The «safe cigaretes» needed to satisfy smokers demands for taste and nicotine delivery, as well as to soothe public health concerns. In 1950s, Phillip Morris(manufacturer of Marlboro), researches saw the potential of «safe cigarettes» and even suggested that the cigarette company would still increase its fortune by admitting that smokes were harmful. That would have given the leading cigarette company to attack their opponents who did not have safer cigarettes.

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  1. tedly secure and audio using tobacco cigarettes are relatively mitigated. For that reason, you will recognize constrained reliable and scientific info about their actual affect on human wellbeing. Nonetheless, the assessments all over the safe cig item unveil that you are going to obtain it acknowle

    • of the legislation and the changes that Parliament made on Tuesday. Individual countries would then have several years to adjust their national rules to conform to the new regulations. The scale of lobbying by tobacco companies came to light in leaked confidential documents from the cigarette compa

    • on the filter band of the cigarette (gen. 4). In Germany the packaging and cigarette design did not change, retaining the floral band. Menthol versions of Eve used similar designs but with more green tones. Shorter 100mm Eves in Regular and Menthol boxes were reintroduced in 1985 but gradually disa

  2. 4 metres of the entrace to any of these places. Outdoor areas It is also against the law to smoke in outdoor eating and drinking areas of cafes, restaurants and other places that food and drink are served. Some outdoor areas are also smoke free areas, like Sport venues Beaches Near public pools and

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