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Chesterfield brand brings a true delight to all the smokers. With this brand smoking is so satisfying and pleasant. This product is very important on tobacco market, it has been important since the moment it appeared. For a long time it owned a unique taste and it was one of the leading tobacco product. A real taste should be like this fresh, mild, pleasant and special.

Philip Moriss is the company that manufactured the Chesterfield cigarette brand and also Parliament cigarettes. Women and men recognized the quality of this brand in the same way. When Chesterfield brand appeared everyone admired it. It is the brand that has combined all the best things that a cigarette must have exceptional flavor, the best tobacco, and inimitable taste. They have a mild taste. Phillip Morris said that it takes time to discover the real pleasure so the perfect product for that has been created. This cigarette brand is more than a cigarette it’s the pleasure itself.

Chesterfield Tobacco High Quality For Best Smokers

The tobacco components that are Chesterfield cigarettes made of are very special and significant. Phillip Morris created this brand from the finest tobacco that was blended very carefully according to an exclusive recipe. At present this brand of cigarettes are a classic favorite. It is one of the most smoked brands in the United States. It has two versions filtered and non filtered cigarettes and they both are spread very well. This tobacco brand is made for real smokers, it combines three important things cooler smoking, excellent taste, mildness.

Chesterfield tobacco has a mild taste, and is created just for you. So order it now in our online shop. Buy now Chesterfield Cigarettes brand and you will not regret it. There are Chesterfield Red, Chesterfield Blue, Chesterfield Bronze.

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  • A semi canon brand of cigarettes that existed in Rapture was Anchor brand cigarettes. These aren’t seen anywhere in game but can be seen on the back of the PS3 version of BioShock‘s instruction manual.
  • «Pipe Weather» brand cigarettes are smoked by Brigid Tenenbaum while she is in her safehouse.
  • Nico Time is a reference to nicotine, the main active component in tobacco. It is also a play on the phrase, «in the nick of time».
  • Oxford Club Cigarettes, despite the term used in both gameplay and advertising around Rapture, uses a model that seems to suggest that they are in fact cigarillos or fine cigars. If one looks closely at the game world model in Arcadia, one can clearly see the rich brown color of the product.

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