Discount cigarettes are not for smoking in a rush

Smoke discount cigarettes from our online shop. After you order discount cigarettes from our online shop, learn using them. When you smoke, be sure that you are not in a rush, that you will not be disturbed, and that you are either alone or with people you like. This will allow you to enjoy your smoking of discount cigarettes much longer, especially if you have smoking friends.
Breathe in your cigarette.

Bringing the cigarette to your lips, it should not miss your teeth. Bring the lit cigarette to your lips, then gently suck in the smoke, continuing to inhale it evenly into your lungs, hold the smoke there for a second, then inhale normally through your mouth, drawing air into your lungs. It also helps reduce mouth cancer. For the initial stage, shallow puffs should be taken, as a deep breath can cause a cough.

When inhaling, do not hold the smoke in your mouth and exhale quickly.
Some recommend that you lightly moisten your lips with your tongue before bringing the cigarette to your mouth to prevent the cigarette from sticking to your lips.
Breathe out the smoke. After inhaling, leave the smoke in your lungs for a short time, then exhale. Inhale as usual for lung volume, wait a little, then exhale.

To check if you smoke properly and if the smoke gets into your lungs, exhale through your nose. Take a inhale and if the smoke does not come out of the nose, it remains in your mouth.

Extinguish correctly. Once you’ve finished smoking, don’t let the fire touch the filter. Filter fumes are terrible to smell and taste. The cigarettes should be in the ashtray whenever it almost reaches the filter. Remember to shake off your cigarette. Shake the cigarette in the ashtray if there is ash.

There is no exact length at which to shake a cigarette into an ashtray, so keep an eye on the cigarette.
Lightly tap the cigarette with your index finger to shake off the ash from the end, do this over the ashtray.
Do not brush ashes onto the floor, you could accidentally burn your clothes or leave permanent stains on your clothes.