Discount cigarettes — evergreen — san jose, ca

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Marlboro flavored e liquid

So who has the best Marlboro Red flavored electronic cigarette juice?

There are tons of companies going for this flavor, and after trying out all the different types of tobacco flavored e liquids, our pick for the closest to a Marlboro would be the V2 Cigs Red Flavor.

You can try out a rechargeable, refillable e cig, or try their disposables also. We recommend a starter kit for the max cost savings, as well as looking into their bottles of e liquid on their site for even more savings.

The three of us who make up this website all agree that V2 Cigs is the best e cigarette available, and the fact that their red flavor tastes like a Marlboro is a big reason why.

When you visit their official site, you can build your own starter kit from scratch, right before your eyes, and choose everything from battery style, color, and length.

Check out to see a full list of available starter kit types.

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