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Cigarettes shipping reaches only following American territories and states

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Cigarettes smoking regulation in some USA states.

A number of 24 states have enacted statewide smoking cigarettes ban in all enclosed public places (including bars and restaurants) Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, Iowa, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Rhode Island, Utah, Vermont, Washington, and Wisconsin.

Still, all but Utah, Vermont, and Washington exempt tobacconists (cigarettes stores), and many also exempt or do not cover casinos, private clubs, and/or cigar bars. In Oregon, Connecticut, Wisconsin, Utah, and Montana, state law preempts local governments to adopt stricter smoking bans than the state, although some cities and counties, or in some of these states a local version of the state have accepted smoking ban. Seven more states ban cigarettes smoking in enclosed public places of the most popular, but allow adult venues, such as bars, if they so choose Florida, Arkansas, Tennessee, Nevada, Louisiana, Pennsylvania and North Dakota. In Tennessee, Pennsylvania and Florida, preempting state law on local governments to more stringent tobacco cigarettes smoking restrictions than the state, but there are five other states, some cities and counties, or adopting more stringent local smoking bans in varying degrees.

Smoking cigarettes in North Carolina is banned in all bars and restaurants, as well as government vehicles and buildings, but doesn’t determine cigarette smoking anyplace else. Thirteen other American states have not adopted a comprehensive statewide ban on cigarettes smoking in all non government owned facilities Alaska, Alabama, Indiana, Kentucky, Kansas, Mississippi, Michigan, Oklahoma, Missouri, Texas, South Carolina, Wyoming and West Virginia. Instead, the laws of most states require owners to certain areas of smoking and non designated areas and marking. In Oklahoma, state law interdicts local governments from determining cigarettes smoking to a higher degree than the state, which is the only state without any type of passed smoking tobacco ban.

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Updated: thousands of cigarette packs wash up on chesil beach (from dorset echo)

Common sense dictates really that the cigarettes are not going to be worth smoking, even if you managed to dry them out.

Mr Gaiger advised people to leave the cigarettes where they were, but warned more could wash up in the coming days.

That is a possibility because I think there was something like 11 million cigarettes in the shipment.

It will be a case of whenever there s a tide just checking the beach and recovering as many of the cigarettes as we can.

Dorset Police s Incident Commander Chief Inspector Dean O Conner said The councils and emergency services of Dorset, Bournemouth and Poole are united in their plea to the public to think carefully about visiting the shoreline.

The recent influx of cigarettes washed up onto the beaches may tempt some people to venture out in search of free tobacco but they will be disappointed because the cargo lost overboard during storms earlier this month has been badly damaged and is beyond use.

Our main fear is for the safety of the public landslips over the past few weeks remain a real risk and people should not put themselves at increased risk.

Furthermore, the washed up cargo remains the property of the cargo owners. Local councils and beach owners are working together with the HMRC and Border Force to arrange for the cigarettes to be cleared up, collected and accounted for.

Onlookers Louise and Mark Excell, from Weymouth, said they were surprised by the number of packets that had washed up.

Mrs Excell said It s a bit strange to see all the cigarette packets all along the beach.

Describing the clean up operation, she added It is going to be a mammoth task especially without anybody coming to pinch them.

The Maritime Coastguard Agency s aerial surveillance aircraft scanned the coastline on Tuesday morning off Portland as a precaution in case other containers were in the area.

Thousands of packets have already been recovered from beaches in Devon.

Ships passing through the English Channel have been warned to report any sightings of loose containers.

Members of the public who spot any beached containers are asked to call the coastguard although most are believed to be empty and have sunk 75 miles off Land s End.

Simon Porter, MCA counter pollution and salvage officer, said We have been carrying out extensive searches over the last four days and spotted three containers, one of which has since come ashore and the other two are mid Channel.

We are working with Maersk to ensure they recover their containers.

The Beer Coastguard Rescue Team, police and council officials spent yesterday at Axmouth beach and the container has been cordoned off.