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History of Mayfair Cigarettes Mayfair is the second best selling brand of King size cigarettes in the UK. In 2011, the brand had notched up sales of more 789 million. These cigarettes are available in many countries today but the UK is still its key market. History of the brand The brand was launched in 1992 by the Gallaher Group, which positioned it as a low priced cigarette that delivered a good smoke. Gallaher Group was founded in Northern Ireland in 1857 by a tobacconist called Tom Gallaher. It is said that the name Mayfair was chosen to associate the cigarette with Londons famous Mayfair district well known for its glamour. The company was acquired in 2007 by Japan Tobacco for 7.5 billion. When Japan Tobacco acquired it, Gallaher Group was the UKs third largest cigarette manufacturer. Japan Tobacco itself has a long history. The companys origins can be traced back to 1898. Mayfair cigarettes For the budget conscious smoker The brand made a late entry into the UK market compared to its other well known counterparts, but it has already captured a substantial chunk of it. It has a large fan following not only in Europe but also in the other markets where it is available. The cigarettes come in a study box which is both attractive and durable. Mayfair cigarettes may be low on cost but the product does not compromise on quality. The high quality at low price tag is one the reasons why so many people in the UK smoke these cigarettes. Varieties available We have a large collection of these cigarettes such as Fine, King Size, Menthol, Sky Blue and Superkings. You can buy your favourite variety from our website and it will be delivered to your doorstep. Mayfair blends Mayfair contains a blend of Virginia tobacco, which is a flue cured tobacco. When you buy a pack or Mayfair, you are actually buying an experience that spans over 150 years. The brand is easy on the wallet and does not hold back when it comes to taste. While it is reasonably priced, you can still save money when you buy your packs through our website. 1 Mayfair Fine cigarettes from Spain f 59.62 Mayfair King Size cigarettes from Spain f 58.64 Mayfair Menthol cigarettes from Spain f 57.66 Mayfair Sky Blue cigarettes from Spain f 61.57 Mayfair Superkings cigarettes from Spain f 58.64 6 x Mayfair Sky Blue Cigarettes made in EU, 60 packs. Only В 40.16 per carton! f 253.04 10% off for bank wire or debit card paid orders. 6 x Mayfair King Box Cigarettes made in EU, 60 packs. Only В 40.16 per carton! f 253.04 SOLD OUT !!! 10% off for bank wire or debit card paid orders. 1

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