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Do you like smoking at night, as we love it? After all, a cigarette to sleep is coming … It’s the longest … The most delicious … The most desired … You enjoy every puff … Philosophical thoughts come to mind … You leave all the negative and anxiety … And fly to nirvana … and then with bliss you lay down in a warm crib, laying your head on a soft pillow and hiding behind a warm blanket … And you fall asleep with a baby’s sleep … This is my tradition for a month already. We wait for two o’clock in the morning, parents are already asleep .. And we .. And we go to the toilet, or to the balcony, but the latter rarely manages to get … Pale slightly … We sit down, put my hands on the pipes, I get the “sleepy” A cigarette, we light cigarettes, and with prolonged delay … And then … With a light heart we go to bed ..

We like these sentiments and regularly seek for discount cigarettes UK to experience them every night.
We are sure that no one will argue with me that the night cigarette relaxes, makes you plunge into your thoughts completely, and if you add to this also a cup of strong coffee, life simply becomes a paradise…

Naturally, you have to always dispose some quantities of cigarettes and we advise you to seek for discount cigarettes in online shops.
On this day, at home there were a sister, stepfather and me. Mama prospered to visit her friend for all night. At one in the morning we realized that our stepfather was not going to fall asleep, and we could not hold out till 3 am, so we started the alarm for 3 hours and went to bed.
In my pocket the phone was vibrating, it was 3:01 clock. Approached the window, we climbed under it with my hand and took our evening cigarettes and a lighter.