Disposables 6-pack – electronic cigarette starter kits

Info and Product Details Green Smoke Vapors&trade
6 Disposable Electronic Cigarettes
The Green Smoke Vapors&trade disposable electronic cigarette is the easiest way to enjoy Green Smoke electronic cigarettes. It s pre charged, so you can immediately enjoy its rich flavor and high smoke volume. Each Green Smoke Vapors&trade gives you the vapor volume of up to 2 packs of traditional cigarettes. This 6 pack makes it easy for you and your friends to enjoy the fresh, rich smoking sensation of Green Smoke electronic cigarettes. Makes a great gift.

  • The Convenient Way to Enjoy Electronic Cigarettes
  • Rich, Smooth, Full Flavor
  • No Charging Required
  • No Cigarette Odors or Ash
  • Equivalent to 2 packs of cigarettes
  • Available in Absolute Tobacco and Menthol Ice Flavor at 1.8% nicotine

Note This product is not eligible for further discounts

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Are electronic cigarettes legal to smoke anywhere?

Tobacco smokers are on a tight rope these days. It seems like just about everyone is trying to keep them from smoking. If you like to smoke cigarettes, not being allowed to smoke in public indoor areas might cause a bit of frustration. Fortunately, a viable alternative that can help to alleviate the anxiety of not being able to smoke whenever you want is the electronic cigarette. Electronic cigarettes have exploded in popularity in the UK, mainly because the country itself has such strict policies on where tobacco cigarettes can be smoked. Are electronic cigarettes legal? Can they be smoked anywhere? Keep reading.

The benefits of electronic cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes are now being marketed heavily throughout most of the developed world. They are useful primarily as an aid to help tobacco smokers lessen their dependence on tobacco smoke. This is because the mist produced by most e cigarettes contains nicotine which is the addictive element contained in tobacco. As such, electronic cigarettes provide conventional tobacco smokers with the means to get their full fix of nicotine without having to rely on smoking a regular cigarette. Theoretically, this can help smokers to gradually quit smoking, although it is important to recognise that immediately switching over to electronic cigarettes is unlikely to make you stop smoking immediately.

Naturally, electronic cigarettes bring along with them a number of benefits. To begin with, by smoking electronic cigarettes you will be able to avoid almost of all of the health problems that you could get from continuing to smoke tobacco cigarettes. Tobacco cigarettes have been linked to numerous illnesses and deficiencies, so if you manage to lower your dependence on tobacco cigarettes, you could make a significant investment in your overall long term health.

Secondly, you can save quite a bit of money by choosing to smoke only electronic cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes are much cheaper in the long run than tobacco cigarettes, and this is especially true in countries like the UK. You could save a generous amount of money if you simply tried smoking e cigarettes whenever you felt the urge to smoke a regular one.

Finally, regarding legal issues, you will be happy to know that smoking electronic cigarettes is absolutely legal in the UK. You can smoke an electronic cigarette just about anywhere you want, including indoor commercial establishments and entertainment establishments like pubs, cafeterias, bars, and clubs. This is one of the benefits that will be especially attractive to smokers. Smoking an electronic cigarette in an indoor area instead of stepping outside for a tobacco cigarette is cheaper, safer for your overall health, and much more convenient as well. If you need a supporting argument for why you should consider smoking electronic cigarettes as an alternative to conventional tobacco filled cigarettes, there you have it.


Electronic cigarettes are very safe when compared to tobacco cigarettes and do not contain any of their harmful elements. Furthermore, they are easy to buy, can be smoked just about anywhere 100% legally, and are much cheaper as well. Concerned about safety? Electronic cigarettes are safe. Worried about whether or not you can smoke one in a bar or pub are electronic cigarettes legal? Yes, you can, and they are. Electronic cigarettes could very well be one of the most relevant anti tobacco products of our time.