Drum cigarettes – represented globally on the market

Smokers continue to search and buy cigarettes online. It is beneficial and convenient for them on a daily basis. Our era is the era of the Internet speed, large-scale opportunities and fast purchases. And the brand makes the smoker regularly! After all, it is it which creates the smoker, as a professional in this segment.

Drum cigarettes first appeared on the Dutch market in 1952. It quickly gained international recognition and today Drum cigarettes is the “Number 1” tobacco in terms of sales volume. It is represented in more than 80 countries. Why is this tobacco so popular? Everything is very simple: quality, taste and aroma. And also the low price, thanks to which this tobacco takes out all its closest competitors feet first.

According to the opinions of smokers who have seen a lot of tobacco in their lifetime, we can conclude: Drum which is represented globally on the market, does not differ at all from that presented on the Dutch market.

Online when visiting cigarette store, smokers will be assisted to make the right choice. First, they will be told about the correct choice of the store, focusing on your specific situation. Secondly, you can go to the cigarette section and get acquainted with the variations in the taste of the product. Savings are guaranteed. You can save up to 6% on regular cigarette price hikes. And all this is only possible online..

What are Drum cigarettes?

This product is natural and created for connoisseurs who value old Dutch traditions. At first, the Douwe Egberts corporation was engaged in its manufacture, and after some time the brand was bought by the transnational tobacco giant Imperial Tobacco. In their country, the goods of this brand take second place in the rating. This brand has shown its viability and is now simply indispensable in the life of heavy smokers. The base of tobacco never ceases to amaze, it consists of interesting proportions of raw varieties: Virginia and Burley. And mixtures with the addition of oriental variations only add spice. You will definitely never forget such a flavor in your lifetime!