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Welcome to E Cig Australia the No.1 Electronic Cigarettes In Australia. Social Lites electronic cigarettes are the most authentic tobacco alternative as they taste and feel just like the real thing but without all the known harmful carcinogens

Our amazing Social Lites E Cigarette is battery operated so you will never have to light up another tobacco cigarette, because you never actually have to light the end of the electronic cigarette it eliminates all the fire hazards associated with regular smoking. You still inhale the electronic cigarette just like you would a real cigarette but instead of breathing in all the known harmful carcinogens associated with smoking tobacco cigarettes you only breath in a harmless vapor that will not cause YOU or your friends any harm!

LEGAL ‘VAPE’ ANYWHERE ANY TIME! Because Social Lites E Cigs have NO TOBACCO and are never LIT in any way Thus entirely avoiding ALL smoking restrictions. Social Lites e cigs allow you to completely circumvent the smoking ban. Provide you with a legal and familiar way to enjoy smoking (Vaping) indoors. Our products are Guaranteed to replicate the smoking experience authentically. With Social Lites e cigs you get plenty of “smoke” (vapour) and a delicious, sumptuous & smooth cigarette taste but NO horrible smells or odours!

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30 day money back guarantee
One year warranty
Free Express Shipping Over $150
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Social Lites Ecig Testimonials

Amazing E Cigs!
“Since I have switched to your electronic cigarettes I have now completely stopped my regular cigarette consumption, it wasn’t a instant success but over time I slowly began looking more for my e cig than the traditional ones. It has now been 6 months and haven’t had a cigarette in 3! Keep up the great work! Cheers” Steven

Great Product

“I was a bit skeptical on e cigs before I tried yours. The difference is well worth the extra money! The extra throat hit and taste will keep me coming back for years to come. thanks again” Lucy

Thank You

“I just bought the e cig starter kit for my dads birthday. he has been smoking for 50 years but due to health conditions he has been forced to stop. Anyway since giving him the kit he loves it! he can’t believe it tastes like the real thing! He was really struggling to stop smoking but with this he is now like a little kid with a new toy. Thanks so much for all the help” Deb

Experience the Ultimate E Cigarettes

We are pleased to announce the launch of Social Lites NEW Electronic Cigarettes. You will not fine a better electronic cigarette in Australia. Quality, Style and the most authentic sensation demonstrates that Social Lites E Cigs are the perfect choice to begin your E Cigarette experience.

Social Lites Premium Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit Contents

1x Social Lites Personal Charging Case (PCC) 1200mah
2x Powerful 180mah 4.2v Batteries
1x Wall Charger and USB Cord
1x USB Charger
1x Cartridge Cartomizer Pack in the flavour of your choice
1x Full colour working manual
1x Presentation Gift Box
FREE Express Shipping Over $150


Major Improvements

Never Have Flat Batteries The PCC Charges Electronic Cigarette Batteries 24/7
Thicker Improved Vapour
Stronger Tasting Flavours
More Powerful Batteries
Improved Cartomizers No Leakage
Nicotine Now Available In 6mg, 12mg & 18mg

E Cigarette Flavour Cartomizer / E Liquids Nicotine NOW Available!

Social Lites offers a wide variety of flavours using the finest ingredients from Europe & the U.S.A following our strict manufacturing standards. Social Lites flavours are great for any occasion and with a flavour for every taste bud you are sure to find one that suits you.

NICOTINE STRENGTHS 6mg (Low), 12mg (Medium) & 18mg (High) Purchase your favourite Social Lites flavours now in e liquid with Nicotine levels to suit your own personal requirements. With 3 levels to choose from Low (6mg) Medium (12mg) & High (18mg) your sure to be satisfy your craving. Just like nicotine patches and nicotine gum you can now use our nicotine e liquid to gradually withdraw to just vaping on 0% nicotine if you so wish!


No tobacco smoke, no ash!
Great vapour production and consistency replicates an actual cigarette.
Each Cartomizer lasts approximately 300 puffs, or roughly one pack of cigarettes.
All e liquid flavours made exclusively for Social Lites.
Social Lites electronic cigarette cartomizers have a 1 piece design with built in atomizer.
E liquid ingredients are from Europe & U.S.A.
All Nicotine orders are shipped from manufactures in Europe
All e liquid is vegetable glycerine based with pg flavouring.

It’s my life . body . smoking

It’s just one wow! That little thing has over 4,000 chemicals in it! You already know that cigarettes contain Nicotine, but did you know that Nicotine is also used in bug spray? Before you decide to light up, you might want to know just what it is that you’re inhaling. Below are
Topics on Smoking
The Smoking Scene
Health Hazards
What’s In A Cigarette?
Peer Pressure
Help Someone To Quit
What You Can Do
From the Mentors
just a few of the other chemicals found in cigarettes

  • Tar. This ingredient, which gives cigarettes flavor, is the same thick black substance used to pave roads and driveways.
  • Formaldehyde. This is the same stuff used to preserve dead animals, like the frogs dissected in some biology classes.
  • Cyanide, which is also a main ingredient in rat poison.
  • Lead. It’s also found in some kinds of paint.
  • Acetone, which is a common ingredient in paint and nail polish remover.
  • Ammonia. Besides the fact that it’s in many household cleaners, it’s also in cigarettes.
  • Carbon monoxide, a common pollutant and the same stuff that escapes from the exhaust in cars.
  • Hydrazine, a chemical used in jets and rocket fuel.

To give you an idea of the harm these substances can do, picture the thick gooey ness of tar. The average smoker inhales about one cup of tar a year. Because a smoker’s lungs often don’t work as well as they should, the tar may stick and stay in there for a long time. Tar also hurts the “cilia” in a person’s airway, which are tiny hairs that protect the lungs by sweeping out mucus and germs. Tar, like many of the other chemicals in cigarettes, can cause diseases related to how we breathe, like emphysema and bronchitis.

Okay, so you know the facts. Now, read what do you when you’re facing Peer Pressure to smoke.

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