E cigarette reviews – top 10 electronic cigarettes rated by consumers

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I was a little skeptical about the Pure Cigs Electronic Cigarettes. They are a newer brand and in my experience some of the newer brands still have some glitches that need to be worked out. However I was looking for a brand of reasonably priced electronic cigarettes that I could give as a gift to someone, and not only were the Pure Cigs Electronic Cigarettes very reasonably priced, but they were also supposed to be very similar to the V2 Cigs which is my brand.

You know what I most liked about the Pure Cig? The battery. I ve been using V2 Cigs for a couple of years, and having used the Pure Cigs Electronic Cigarette the battery alone has me thinking about making a permanent change. This battery never seems to run out of juice. It runs more than 3X s longer than the V2 cig batteries. I was also very impressed with the locking mechanism on the battery. The lock meant I didn t have to worry about the e cig turning on when I had it in my pants pocket.

Price $19.99

Electronic cigarettes

Our E Cigarettes are the highest quality electronic cigarettes available in Australia. Suncig E Cigs are a very realistic and authentic tobacco alternative because they taste and feel like a real cigarette, but without many of the harmful carcinogens. Our Electronic Cigarettes do not contain tobacco or tar, there is no fire or any burning, therefore avoiding «most» smoking bans. Suncig e cigarettes are allowed in many places traditional cigarettes are banned. Your Suncig Electronic Cigarette experience will be authentic.

Electronic Cigarettes are also known as an e cigarette, electric cigarette or e cig, it is a battery powered device that vaporizes a flavored liquid solution. The inhaled «eliquid» vapor does not contain the over 4,000 toxic chemicals found in traditional tobacco cigarettes. A much better and cheaper alternative. Switching to electronic cigarettes means no more tar, no bad breath, no second hand smoke and no ash.
«Exposure to Vapour from E cigarettes poses no risk to Adults or Children»
Source Inhalation Toxicology Journal

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