E-cigarette summit

The E Cigarette Summit will take place at the Royal Society, London on the 12th November 2013 and will provide a vital and timely meeting for scientists, policymakers, public health professionals and e cigarette stakeholders to come together and debate the future of e cigarettes in context of health, efficacy and regulation.

E cigarettes are a relatively new phenomenon the result of a consumer led revolution which has grown rapidly, with sales doubling annually for the last 4 years. Currently there are an estimated 7 million users across Europe and over 1.3 million in the UK alone.

The issue of how to regulate and manage the proliferation of e cigarettes continues to divide policy makers, health campaigners and health professionals alike. With some countries moving towards an out right ban and others looking to regulate e cigarettes as medical products the future is far from clear. So, are e cigarettes a backward step in the fight against smoking or the single greatest transformative public health phenomenon? Whichever side of the debate you fall on, it is without doubt vital that all considerations are explored before decisions are taken.

The E Cigarette Summit will provide a timely opportunity for all stakeholders to debate and examine the critical issues and the future of e cigarettes. The Summit and will include high level briefings from leading experts on safety and efficacy, public health and regulation. The morning briefings will be followed by moderated open floor discussions which will allow key questions to be asked to a panel of experts and explored in a balanced and objective environment.

Key topics

  • What is known about e cigarettes and what are the drivers behind their rapid rise in popularity?
  • Will e cigarettes re normalise smoking and act as a gateway in to tobacco use for a new generation?
  • How safe are e cigarettes and what evidence is available to support their efficacy?
  • What will the impact of the EU Tobacco Directive be for current and future users?
  • Will medical regulation deliver a safer and more effective product?
  • What are the concerns that medical regulation will address in e cigarette usage, marketing and availability?
  • Are there alternative regulatory frameworks that should or could be considered?
  • What are the potential consequences if e cigarettes remain a consumer product?

Premier (cigarette) — wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Premier was a smokeless cigarette released in the United States in 1988 by the R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company. It worked by heating and aerosolizing tobacco flavour and was intended to reduce or eliminate the unhealthy side effects associated with smoking, both to the smoker and to the people around the smoker. citation needed

The project took several years to develop at a cost of more than $325 million. citation needed

While RJR itself questioned whether the device functioned adequately as a nicotine delivery device, activists derided it for its potential for use in delivery of other drugs. citation needed It never achieved popularity, as smokers complained about a charcoal like aftertaste, and although it looked like a conventional cigarette, special instructions were required to teach smokers how to light it. RJR estimated that it would take two or three packs for a smoker to acquire a taste for Premier, but in practice many smokers only smoked one cigarette and shared the rest of the pack. It was withdrawn from the market in 1989, less than a year after its introduction.

R.J. Reynolds reintroduced the concept behind the Premier cigarette as the Eclipse brand in the 1990s.

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