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Why are some healthcare professionals concerned about the use of e cigarettes?

E cigarettes have been the subject of intense debate in the media across Europe as some healthcare professionals are concerned about the promotion and use of the products.

The concerns include

Products are regulated differently E cigarettes are currently regulated differently across Europe. This means that there are no restrictions on the chemicals that can be added to the cartridges. This also means that they are not subject to strict quality control, and products may be labelled the same but have different amounts of chemicals and nicotine in them.

Continuing addictive behaviour As e cigarettes look and feel like a cigarette, users are not encouraged to change their behaviour. Their addiction to the physical and emotional elements of smoking continues.

Visibility for others who have quit There are no restrictions on e cigarettes being used in offices and other public places where normal smoking is banned. Smoke free legislation, which bans smoking in public places, has contributed to a change in the perception of smoking, de normalising it and making it seem abnormal and unacceptable. Some experts believe that visibility to people smoking e cigarettes could make smoking seem acceptable and could tempt people who have quit, or are trying to quit, to slip back into the habit.

Children s exposure to smoking Children who are growing up in areas where smoke free legislation has been common since their childhood are exposed to smoking behaviour when they see e cigarette users. Some experts feel this will undo the steps made by smoke free legislation in changing the perceptions of smoking. They are concerned that the behaviour of smoking, whether the product is an e cigarette or a tobacco cigarette, is once more being promoted to children and young people.

Lack of evidence A key concern for healthcare professionals at the moment is a lack of evidence on the potential harm to the user. Although the products are thought to be less harmful than smoking normal cigarettes, the devices contain various chemicals and long term studies on the health effects of the products have not yet been carried out. More research is needed on the harm caused by the mist, vapour, flavours and additives delivering nicotine.

The European Lung Foundation and the European Respiratory Society have responded to the uncertainty around the products and will conduct research to find out the short and long term effects of the products.

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