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Florida man launches ‘bama’ brand cigarettes

A new brand of cigarettes is hitting the market in several states and its name has a real ring to it.

The makers call them «Bama’s» (b short a mas) or «Bama’s» (b ahh mas) either one, but with a signature oval ring around them, you might say O’bama’s. «It’s easy to remember, packaging is pretty attractive, and it’s a good smoke.»

New Smyrna beach resident Rob Klotzback and two partners created the niche brand and got them to market in May. They’re currently in 5 states including Florida. This palm coast tobacco store among the first to carry «Bama’s.» though rob insists he’s not playing off the president, consumers get it&#8230

«He’s going to get booted but hey, at least he’s got a cigarette named after him.» Though Rob claims the o around ‘bama’s» is just a flavor circle, he figures the administration is or will soon be aware of his «smokin» product.

«Every brand that gets trade marked, you file with the FTC which is in Washington D.C. and they get a copy of the picture of the packaging and the brand name.» «Bama’s» have gone viral. A couple of college kids smelled you tube success and at jmj tobacco, the owner says the cigarettes have folks buying and talking. «Some get mad and that’s their opinion, but others like it.»

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