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Above you will find menus for the Editor Reviews and Consumer Reviews. These e cigarette reviews contain in depth analysis of the e cigarettes listed on the site, including consideration of all the important characteristics you love in your smoking experience flavor & taste, style, appearance of pack/accessories and the e cig itself, vapor production (the equivalent measurement of the amount of smoke you’d get out of a regular cigarette), ease of draw, and value for money. Since you’re most likely going to buy electronic cigarettes in the United States, Australia, United Kingdom, Canada and so forth from an online store, we also rate customer service and shipment speed.

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E cig users say they are the best solution to lifelong smokers conscious of the health effects of real cigarettes on themselves and those around them. No 2nd hand smoke, lower costs and ease of use are the most commonly cited reasons for using an e cigarette.

Due to the many nicotine strengths of e liquid, you can personalize your e cig to provide the nicotine level you are accustomed to. All E cig starter kits come with battery charger, rechargeable batteries, e liquid and any other supplies you need to immediately start vaping. Lets look at the benefits that make the e e cig an ideal alternative to real cigarettes.

Benefits of E Cigs over Real Cigarettes

Cleaner Air
E cigs do not contain any of the 4000 plus chemicals associated with tobacco. E cig liquid (e liquid) contains either vegetable glycerin or propylene glycol. This liquid is what contains your nicotine. The only thing you exhale is a water vapor which dissipates into the air almost immediately. The vapor leaves behind no smoke or odor an those around you are unaffected by the vapor. You can enjoy your e cig in the house, restaurants, your car and at work without worry of annoying second hand smoke.

Cost Effective
E cigs are cheaper than real cigarettes. A pack of real cigarettes costs from $6 to $10 dollars while one e cig cartridge (equivalent to 15 cigarettes) costs about $2.00. You can save even more by buying bulk e liquid and refilling your own cartridges. An e cig does not require the purchase of lighters or matches and no ashtray is needed. As your personal smoking habits will vary, the cost savings can be quite substantial. You can do a quick calculation of your savings below

1.) Cigarettes Smoked Per Day x 365 Total Cigarettes Smoked Per Year

2.) Divide Total Cigarettes Smoked Per Year by 15 to get the number of cartridges you’ll use yearly

3.) Multiply cartridges used yearly by $2 to get an approximate cost of using an e cig for one year

4.) Compare this amount to the amount you spend on cigarettes yearly (Make sure you’re sitting down to avoid injury from excessive surprise).