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  • The Premium Supplier of the Electronic Cigarette in Ireland

    We are one of the leading electronic cigarette, e juice and vaping specialists in Ireland. We are located in Temple Bar at the heart of the vibrant, chic and energetic retail pulse of the city centre. At purplebox vapours, we advise the vaping community about all aspects of their electronic cigarettes. Ireland has begun to evolve and embrace vapers and we hope to continue providing our customers with the best advice.

    Visit our Electronic Cigarettes Store in Ireland s Capital City

    Temple Bar is world renowned as a hub of trend setting and forward thinking movements. The continued growth of the vaping scene and the educated switch of smokers from cigarettes to safer electronic cigarettes in Ireland makes us perfectly positioned to take a lead role in the rising vaping debate.

    E Cigarettes & Ireland s Vaping Scene

    Ireland s vaping community is growing rapidly having a stylish and vibrant vaping store in the heart of the city centre enhances Ireland s reputation as a progressive and dynamic nation. Visit our shop in Temple Bar, get advice from knowledgeable staff and buy your e cigarettes in Ireland from a trusted electronic cigarette shop.
    Experience our Vaporium and try some of our favourite e juice flavours.

    See you soon in Crow Street, Temple Bar.

    Buy Electronic Cigarettes in Ireland

    If you can t get here in person, then just call or email us and we ll be happy to have a chat. At purplebox vapours we love hearing from our customers and we love feedback on our e cigarettes. Ireland has never had such an active vaping community and we love seeing our vapers trying out our e juice flavours in our Vaporium.

    Choose purplebox vapours to buy e cigarettes in Ireland. Call us today on 01 65 88 696 or email steve

    Read our latest blog with opinions on the EU Taxation of e Cigarettes as a Tobacco Product let us know your thoughts.

    Taxing e cigarettes as a tobacco product is in every way an unfathomable and bizarrely ridiculous suggestion by the European Commission and domestic ministers.

    If taxing vapours then surely aerosols, polishes, bleaches all producing harmful breathable vapour particles should be considered as tobacco products.

    If taxing nicotine then is there not an argument that vegetables and drinks, with naturally occurring nicotine tomatoes, potatoes, aubergines, peppers, cauliflower, and tea should be considered tobacco , let s state the obvious there s no tobacco in e cigarettes so what are you taxing nicotine, vapour, or an act that mimics that of smoking?

    Is it the act or addiction that is being taxed?

    The fact that a person puts a device to their mouth and blows out a vapour is not grounds for taxation. I can understand that cigarette smoking has become so vilified that a mental barrier even to the act has gripped society but this is a matter of education, not taxation.

    Taxing addiction would be a baffling concept and, therefore, caffeine based products would fall under tobacco taxation coffee and energy drinks are extremely addictive substances.

  • A sample of comments from our customers

    I would wholeheartedly and enthusiastically recommend purplebox to anyone looking to vape. Owner, Steve, is astoundingly helpful, patient and thorough and was good enough to spend loads of time explaining everything in detail and answering all my first time questions. When I had to come back with a query, he was quick to help and find a solution. The kits are reasonably priced and great value not to mention the “4 for 3” offers on the fluids. After 20 years of smoking and trying unsuccessfully to quit, these e cigarettes have made it so simple I was off cigarettes almost immediately and feel better, (smell better!) and I’ve saved money in the process. A huge thank you to the staff at purplebox from one very happy customer!

    A.C. (Dublin)

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