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E Cigarettes work to simulate smoking tobacco by storing a liquid that usually contains nicotine, flavourings, and other chemicals designed to make the mixture vaporise and inhale well. The liquid is then converted to a warm vapour designed to simulate cigarette smoke by a battery powered atomizer, and inhaled by the user. This vapour is generally agreed to be much less harmful than traditional cigarette smoke. There are some advantages to smoking e cigarettes compared to standard cigarettes, and some clear health advantages. Perhaps the most noteworthy advantage that E Cigarettes have over traditional cigarettes is the reduced dangers of second hand inhalation. While regular inhalation of second hand smoke has proven health risks, especially for small children or those who are subjected to second hand smoke regularly over a long period of time, second hand E Cigarette vapour inhalation contains very few toxins, making it unlikely to post any health risk to those who inhale passively. The advantage of less risk of second hand inhalation has many implications for the application of E Cigarettes both practically and legally. Smoking is banned in most public areas and workplaces because of the dangers of second hand smoke, but if E Cigarette second hand inhalation can be proven safe, even for infants, pregnant women, and other sensitive demographics, E Cigarettes may become legal to smoke even in non smoking areas.

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E Cigarettes have become criminalized in Western Australia. Also in the United States the FDA have plans to regulate Electronic Cigarettes. What does this mean for the thousands of people across the U.S and Australia? It s not looking good! If E Cigarettes are regulated in theory that would be great and fine right? Wrong! To regulate Electronic Cigarettes laws would need to change that have not been tested yet. This means that E Cigarettes could end up becoming banned under new laws put in place to regulate the devices.

Politicians in W.A Australia and quit smoking advocates say that the criminalisation of E Cigarettes is a win. A win?? Also a politician added that the device could lead to kids smoking real cigarettes. “OK Just a reminder for you Australian politicians. Kids already smoke real cigarettes”

So what they are saying is that because it contains nicotine it could lead to nicotine addiction. Patches and gum also contain nicotine. Could patches and gum lead to kids smoking real cigarettes? NO! That s because they are only sold to people over the age of 18. Also the product is not appealing to non smokers. Why would a non smoker buy patches and gum? The answer is that they wouldn t.

The same can be said about Electronic Cigarettes. Why would a non smoker be interested in the device? The answer is they wouldn t be.

What they have done in W.A Australia is equivalent to banning life rafts on a sinking ship.

They know tobacco will kill 2/3 smokers and they know there is no evidence that Electronic Cigarettes have any adverse health effects. The only know toxin in an E Cigarette is nicotine. Apart from being extremely addictive nicotine is no worse on your body than a cup of coffee. Nicotine works much the same as caffeine as a mild stimulant.

Would you allow your government to ban life rafts on sinking ships? What they are doing is removing a lifesaving tool available to smokers. This will result in the deaths of millions.