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The south jersey sun – 40 percent of all cigarettes in new jersey are smuggled into the state illegally

By Barry Lank Tweet

If you’ve been driving into Delaware to buy some smokes and smuggle them back to New Jersey, you’re part of a trend. About 40 percent of our cigarettes are illegally brought in from other states, according to the Star Ledger.

That’s a higher percentage than in any other state. The result is $519 million worth of cigarette taxes that New Jersey isn’t collecting.

The Ledger points out two things causing all the smuggling a really high tax and really close borders with other states. Plus, you can order cigarettes online.

Delaware in particular is a choice destination for purchasing smokes and hauling them back to the Garden State for resale at a high mark up. It’s right next door to South Jersey and the prices are so low.

The Ledger reported on a man who was caught going even as far south as Virginia to buy cigarettes for $35 a carton and reselling them back up in Bergen County for $58. Normally, a carton in North Jersey sells for $80.

About Barry Lank

Barry Lank is a former TV and radio writer, and, like most people, was editor of the Courier Post opinion page in Cherry Hill, at some point. If you look up, you’ll realize he’s watching you read all posts by Barry Lank