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At Escape we are passionate about our electronic cigarettes and the positive impact they have on the lives of smokers. We believe that if you smoke, you do it by choice. Escape Vapourettes offer an e cigarette, alternative that continues to provide all the things you like about smoking, the sensation, the taste, the hit and the social experience but without all of the things you don t need that are in tobacco cigarettes, tar, carbon monoxide and thousands of chemicals and carcinogens.

Escape Vapourettes offer a remarkable simulation of the act of smoking a tobacco cigarette. Vapourettes look and feel like cigarettes and are used with an identical hand to mouth action to satisfy your tactile and oral cravings. The thick smoke like vapour produced by Vapourettes quickly delivers nicotine in exactly the same way as tobacco cigarettes to give you the most realistic electronic cigarette smoking experience possible.

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