Electronic cigarettes: europe sets new rules while u.s. drags feet — time

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A federal judge overturned Wednesday a North Dakota law that banned early abortions, the Associated Press reports. n

The law made it illegal for a woman to get an abortion after a fetal heartbeat was detected. That can happen as early as six weeks into pregnancy u2014often before a woman even knows she’s pregnant. n

U.S. District Judge Daniel Hovland ruled that the law was «invalid and unconstitutional.» n

North Dakota has only one abortion clinic, located in Fargo. The Fargo clinic filed a lawsuit against the early abortion ban in July with the support of the New York based Center for Reproductive rights. n

The overturned law was among four anti abortion bills that North Dakota Republican Gov. Jack Dalrymple signed in 2013 with the support of the state’s Republican dominated legislature. n

AP n»,»section» «name» «Living»,»slug» «living»,»url» «http / / /living /» ,»tags» «abortion Jack Dalrymple North Dakota pro choice pro life»,»hero» «class» «landscape»,»thumbnail» «http / / /2014 /04 / «,»src» «small» «http / / /2014 /04 / «,»small 2x» «http / / /2014 /04 / «,»large» «http / / /2014 /04 / «,»large 2x» «http / / /2014 /04 / » ,»credit» «Dave Kolpack u2014AP»,»caption» «Members of an abortion rights group rally outside the Cass County Courthouse in Fargo, N.D., Wednesday, July 31, 2013.»,»alt» «Abortion North Dakota» ,»id» 65297,»encoded url» «http%3A%2F% «,»encoded shortlink» «http%3A%2F% «,»encoded title» «Judge Overturns North Dakota Early Abortion Ban»,»twitter text» «Judge%20Overturns%20North%20Dakota%20Early%20Abortion%20Ban»,»twitter via» «TIME»,»email title» «Judge%20Overturns%20North%20Dakota%20Early%20Abortion%20Ban%20%7C%20TIME»,»email body» «Judge%20Overturns%20North%20Dakota%20Early%20Abortion%20Ban%0A%0AU.S.%20District%20Judge%20Daniel%20Hovland%20said%20the%20state%27s%20abortion%20restrictions%20were%20%22invalid%20and%20unconstitutional.%22%20The%20law%20made%20it%20illegal%20for%20women%20to%20undergo%20the%20procedure%20after%20a%20fetal%20heartbeat%20was%20detected%2C%20which%20can%20happen%20as%20early%20as%20six%20weeks%20into%20pregnancy%0A%0Ahttp%3A%2F% » , «url» «http / / /65384 /jenny mccarthy engaged donnie wahlberg /»,»right now» true,»shortlink» «http / / /1pawB57″,»title» «Jenny McCarthy I’m Engaged to Donnie Wahlberg»,»post type» «post»,»comments allowed» true,»short title» «The View Co Host Jenny McCarthy Is Engaged»,»excerpt» «The 41 year old actress says she will marry Blue Bloods star Donnie Wahlberg. McCarthy u2019s son Evan played a starring role in the proposal, handing her a series of cards with the words u201cwill, u201d u201cyou, u201d and u201cmarry, u201d before Wahlberg walked in with a shirt that said «me » on it»,»format» «article»,»time» «pretty» «2 04 PM ET»,»published» «2014 04 16 14 04 08″,»updated» «2014 04 16 18 04 08″,»minute» «2 04 pm»,»short» «2 04 PM ET» ,»authors» «id» 207069456,»url» «http / / /author /maya rhodan /»,»name» «Maya Rhodan»,»twitter» «m rhodan»,»gplus» » MayaRhodan»,»email» «»,»thumbnail» «http / / / /2014 /04 / «,»bio» «» ,»content» «

Jenny McCarthy is about to become Mrs. Donnie Wahlberg. The View co host shared her engagement with the world on Wednesday, showcasing her yellow sapphire ring on the talk show, US Weekly reports. n

McCarthy’s 11 year old son Evan had a starring role in the proposal, handing his a series of cards with the words «will,» «you,» and «marry,» before former New Kid on the Block star walked in with a shirt with the word u201cme u201d on it, McCarthy said. n

«Of course I said u2018yes, u2019 u201d the 41 year old McCarthy said. And her son was excited, too. u201cIn that moment Evan yelled, ‘I have another dad!’ and it made all of us cry,» McCarthy shared. n

The two have been dating since last summer. The upcoming nuptials (they haven’t yet set a date) will be the second time around for both stars. McCarthy was previously married to actor and director John Mallory Asher. n

Us Weekly n»,»section» «name» «Entertainment»,»slug» «entertainment»,»url» «http / / /entertainment /» ,»tag» «name» «celebrities»,»slug» «celebrities»,»url» «http / / /tag /celebrities /» ,»tags» «celebrities Donnie Wahlberg engagement engagement ring Marriage People»,»hero» «class» «portrait»,»thumbnail» «http / / / /2014 /04 / «,»src» «small» «http / / /2014 /04 / «,»small 2x» «http / / /2014 /04 / «,»large» «http / / /2014 /04 / «,»large 2x» «http / / /2014 /04 / » ,»credit» «Alexander Tamargo u2014Getty Images»,»caption» «»,»alt» «Miami’s Ultimate Baby Affair» ,»id» 65384,»encoded url» «http%3A%2F% «,»encoded shortlink» «http%3A%2F% «,»encoded title» «Jenny McCarthy%3A I%E2%80%99m Engaged to Donnie Wahlberg»,»twitter text» «Jenny%20McCarthy%3A%20I%27m%20Engaged%20to%20Donnie%20Wahlberg»,»twitter via» «TIMECulture»,»email title» «Jenny%20McCarthy%3A%20I%26%238217%3Bm%20Engaged%20to%20Donnie%20Wahlberg%20%7C%20TIME»,»email body» «Jenny%20McCarthy%3A%20I%26%238217%3Bm%20Engaged%20to%20Donnie%20Wahlberg%0A%0AThe%2041 year%20old%20actress%20says%20she%20will%20marry%20%3Ci%3EBlue%20Bloods%3C%2Fi%3E%20star%20Donnie%20Wahlberg.%20McCarthy%E2%80%99s%20son%20Evan%20played%20a%20starring%20role%20in%20the%20proposal%2C%20handing%20her%20a%20series%20of%20cards%20with%20the%20words%20%E2%80%9Cwill%2C%E2%80%9D%20%E2%80%9Cyou%2C%E2%80%9D%20and%20%E2%80%9Cmarry%2C%E2%80%9D%20before%20Wahlberg%20walked%20in%20with%20a%20shirt%20that%20said%20%22me%22%20on%20it%0A%0Ahttp%3A%2F% » , «url» «http / / /65321 /ohio stays out of state marriage /»,»right now» true,»shortlink» «http / / /1qK7fIE»,»title» «Judge Stays Ohio Same Sex Marriage Ruling»,»post type» «post»,»comments allowed» true,»short title» «Judge Stays Ohio Same Sex Marriage Ruling»,»excerpt» «U.S. District Cou
rt Judge Timothy Black agreed to stay his ruling that the state recognize same sex marriages from out of state, citing the potential for confusion and high legal costs as Ohio appeals the order»,»format» «brief»,»time» «pretty» «2 01 PM ET»,»published» «2014 04 16 14 01 25″,»updated» «2014 04 16 18 01 25″,»minute» «2 01 pm»,»short» «2 01 PM ET» ,»authors» «id» 207069456,»url» «http / / /author /maya rhodan /»,»name» «Maya Rhodan»,»twitter» «m rhodan»,»gplus» » MayaRhodan»,»email» «»,»thumbnail» «http / / / /2014 /04 / «,»bio» «» ,»content» «

A federal judge in Ohio stayed his ruling that the state must recognize out of state marriages of same sex couples, though he carved out an exception for the four couples that originally filed suit against the state. n

District Court Judge Timothy Black said he issued the stay for the benefit of the public because the state is planning to appeal his original decision, the Columbus Dispatch reports. u201cThe federal appeals court needs to rule, as does the United States Supreme Court, u201d Black said, citing the potential for confusion and high legal costs if same sex couples were to act on his ruling. n

The state asked Black to stay his decision to avoid u201cpremature u201d reactions from same sex couples, such as traveling to other states to get married. The four couples u2019 attorneys argued the decision caused unnecessary harm because three of the couples are expecting children and want to name both parents on birth certificates. In Wednesday’s decision, Black said the state must recognize the marriages of the four couples that filed suit against the state. Three of the couples are Ohio residents and one couple lives in New York. n

Judges have acted similarly in several cases where state bans on same sex marriage and recognition of same sex marriage have been challenged. n

Columbus Dispatch n»,»section» «name» «U.S.»,»slug» «us»,»url» «http / / /us /» ,»tag» «name» «States»,»slug» «states»,»url» «http / / /tag /states /» ,»tags» «Gay Marriage LGBT Marriage same sex marriage States»,»id» 65321,»encoded url» «http%3A%2F% «,»encoded shortlink» «http%3A%2F% «,»encoded title» «Judge Stays Ohio Same Sex Marriage Ruling»,»twitter text» «Judge%20Stays%20Ohio%20Same Sex%20Marriage%20Ruling»,»twitter via» «TIME»,»email title» «Judge%20Stays%20Ohio%20Same Sex%20Marriage%20Ruling%20%7C%20TIME»,»email body» «Judge%20Stays%20Ohio%20Same Sex%20Marriage%20Ruling%0A%0AU.S.%20District%20Court%20Judge%20Timothy%20Black%20agreed%20to%20stay%20his%20ruling%20that%20the%20state%20recognize%20same sex%20marriages%20from%20out of state%2C%20citing%20the%20potential%20for%20confusion%20and%20high%20legal%20costs%20as%20Ohio%20appeals%20the%20order%0A%0Ahttp%3A%2F% » , «url» «http / / /64530 /fbi movie game of pawns china /»,»right now» true,»shortlink» «http / / /1jJG12e»,»title» «FBI Movie Warns U.S. Students Not to Spy for China»,»post type» «post»,»comments allowed» true,»short title» «FBI to U.S. Students Don’t Spy for China»,»excerpt» «A new video from the FBI tells the true story of Glenn Duffie Shriver, an American student currently serving four years behind bars for conspiring to pass on classified data to the Chinese. The agency urges students to watch the video before studying abroad»,»format» «video»,»time» «pretty» «11 20 AM ET»,»published» «2014 04 16 11 20 27″,»updated» «2014 04 16 15 20 27″,»minute» «11 20 am»,»short» «11 20 AM ET» ,»authors» «id» 207039480,»url» «http / / /author /emily rauhala /»,»name» «Emily Rauhala / Beijing»,»twitter» «emilyrauhala»,»gplus» » EmilyRauhala»,»email» «emily rauhala «,»thumbnail» «http / / /2014 /01 / «,»bio» «

Emily is Beijing Correspondent at TIME. n» ,»content» «

Bbc news — meps tighten anti-tobacco laws aimed at young smokers

Packs of 10 cigarettes, considered popular among younger smokers, will also be banned.

Fourteen EU states already have 20 as the minimum, four stipulate a minimum of 19, and in the UK and Italy the minimum is 10.

Smaller than normal packs of roll your own tobacco will still be allowed under the new rules.

It was the European Parliament’s first reading of a draft tobacco directive which could become law in 2014. It would then take two more years to become law in each of the 28 EU member states.

There has been intense lobbying of MEPs by the tobacco industry and health campaigners.

The Commission says almost 700,000 Europeans die from smoking related illnesses each year equal to the population of Frankfurt or Palermo. The costs for healthcare in the EU are estimated to be at least 25.3bn euros ( 20.6bn $33.4bn) annually.

Mixed reactions

Conservative and Liberal MEPs welcomed the amendments made to the original proposal from Labour’s Linda McAvan.

Speaking to the BBC, Ms McAvan said she was disappointed that slim cigarettes were not banned.

But cigarette packaging made to look like lipstick or perfume containers attractive to girls will disappear, she noted.

There will now be further negotiations with the Council the grouping of relevant EU ministers. MEPs may manage to avoid a second vote and fast track the legislation so that it is adopted before the May 2014 European elections.

The proposals also include a ban on words like «light», «mild» and «low tar», deemed to be misleading, and a ban on oral tobacco called snus although Sweden would retain its exemption.

EU Health Commissioner Tonio Borg called the vote «positive». «I am confident that the revised Directive on Tobacco Products can still be adopted within the mandate of the current Parliament,» he said.

But Carl Schlyter MEP, health spokesman for the Greens, called it «a shameful day for the European Parliament, as a centre right majority, led by the EPP group, has done the bidding of the tobacco industry and voted for weaker rules».