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TLDR There&#39 s a lot to discuss about harm caused by tobacco products but the discussion should not be based on bullshit made up facts.

I work in a laboratory that analyzes cigarettes, filler, and smokeless tobacco for Tobacco Control Act compliance. I am contractually prevented from discussing what I know about cigarette smoke chemistry in detail. However, I can tell you some general information. The majority of the comments that I&#39 ve read in this thread as bullshit. Self proclaimed experts have learned what they know from other self proclaimed experts that have never analyzed a cigarette in their life.

Tobacco is a a natural product that contains a wide variety of compounds, mostly proteins. What makes it different from other natural products are a class of naturally occurring compounds called alkaloids. Nicotine is one of these alkaloids. While addictive, nicotine is not very harmful in mild doses. It is poisonous at large doses. Caffeine has similar characteristics.

1 Combustion byproducts are what makes cigarettes unhealthy. Many of the harmful constituents in cigarette smoke are a result of combustion of the naturally occurring compounds in the tobacco plant. 2 Companies do not add compounds to make the cigarettes more addictive. The addictive elements are inherent in the tobacco. 3 The compounds used to control the burn rate are usually food grade chemicals that you ingest daily from other sources. 4 All cigarettes are required to be self extinguishing if you set them down. Manufacturers are required to prove this for every brand every year. It&#39 s called an Ignition Propensity test. 5 Tobacco is tested to prove the absence of herbicides, pesticides, anti succulents, etc before it is purchased by the manufacturer. 6 There are no propellants or crystals in cigarettes 7 If you understood the chemistry of the combustion you would understand that the concept of spending extra for organically grown cigarettes is foolish. It&#39 s about equivalent to thinking that sodium chloride derived from sea salt is better for you than sodium chloride mined in the Utah salt mines.

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