English blend of Sovereign cigarettes

Sovereign cigarettes were first launched on the market in the mid-1970s by the English tobacco company Gallaher Ltd. The main difference between the brand and American, European cigarettes is that Sovereign cigarettes used an England blend, that is, the cigarettes contained only Virginia, or rather a mixture of its different varieties. According to the cigarette manufacturer, Sovereign cigarettes are one of the most popular cigarette brands in Australia. The tobacco bag contains the best varieties of Virginia tobacco. Sovereign cigarettes have a classic taste for connoisseurs of English quality and tradition.

Sovereign cigarettes include two varieties — a classic and a lightweight version. The Sovereign cigarettes are made in the King Size format. The design of the packs is simple, made in the traditional red and blue (light blue) versions, depending on the type of cigarettes. On the obverse of the pack is an English sovereign coin. The pack contains twenty king size cigarettes with a conventional acetate filter, wrapped in foil paper. The design of the cigarettes is simple — «cork» filter paper and the brand name «in red». The «king size» label seems like an anachronism, but initially the «red» Sovereign variety was designated exactly as «King Size» and only later as «Full Flavor».

The Sovereign cigarettes blend is almost uniformly dark yellow. There are fractions that are slightly lighter or slightly darker than most, but there are not many of them. The cutting is quite consistent with budget cigarettes of the 90s — varied, spontaneous. The smoke taste is really similar to the Virginia blend, it is dry, with moderate sweetness, does not «eat» slimy, and at the same time is quite soft. Pleasant, especially taking into account modern realities, cigarettes.

Is it allowed to order Sovereign cigarettes online? Yes, ordering cigarettes online is allowed in Australia. With a double age check (shop and shipping) this is not a problem. How extensive is the range of cigarettes in our online shop? We carry all brands and types of cigarettes — except discount brands — that are available in Australia.