Eu bans flavoured cigarettes from 2020 as part of new tobacco rules — стандарт нюз

From 2016 when the new EU tobacco rules changes will take effect, cigarettes, rolling tobacco and other products will have to carry graphic picture and text warnings covering 65 percent of the front and back of packets. The rules also include a ban on smoking tobacco products containing flavours such as fruit or vanilla. European Union diplomats approved new anti tobacco legislation on Wednesday, including larger health warnings on cigarette packets and the bloc’s first ever rules on electronic cigarettes.

Menthol cigarettes will be banned four years later, after some governments demanded a slower phase out.

«I firmly believe that prominent visual warnings will serve as effective reminders of the severe health consequences of smoking and help people make well informed choices,» European health commissioner Tonio Borg said in a statement. «And the prohibition of characterising flavours such as fruit or menthol, which appeal to young people, will make smoking initiation less appealing,» he said.

The deal is now expected to be formally approved by EU ministers and the full parliament before entering force next year.

The main elements of deal on EU tobacco controls are

I. Health warning

Graphic picture and text warnings will have to cover 65 percent of the front and back of packets of cigarettes and other tobacco products for smoking. Current EU law demands that written health warnings cover 30 percent of a pack’s front and 40 percent of the back, but pictures are not warnings will include phrases such as «Smoking kills quit now» and «Tobacco smoke contains over 70 substances known to cause cancer.»Individual governments will be free to go beyond the minimum requirements and impose a ban on all branding, provided such «plain packaging» rules are justified on public health grounds and notified to the European Commission.

II. Flavouring ban

Cigarettes and rolling tobacco containing characterising flavours such as fruit or vanilla will be banned from 2016.A ban on menthol flavourings will apply from 2020.

III. Electronic cigarettes

E cigarettes will be classed as consumer products without the need for prior approval provided they meet a maximum nicotine concentration of 20 milligrams per millilitre (mg/ml). Products containing higher concentrations will be regulated as cartridges for reusable e cigarettes must contain no more than 10 ml of nicotine laced liquid, up to the maximum 20 mg/ml concentration. Non refillable products can contain no more than 2 millilitre of Commission will publish a study on the potential health risks of refillable e cigarettes by 2016. If three or more EU countries ban refillable e cigarettes on health grounds, the Commission will be free to impose an EU wide ban.

IV. Other restrictions

A ban on misleading terms on cigarettes and other smoking products, such as «organic» or «natural».Governments can decide individually to ban the online sale of tobacco products across borders.

Source Euronews

Eu tobacco directive: «e-cigarettes are of benefit to public health»

Jennifer Baker is joined by Neil Corlett, spokesperson for the ALDE Group, to discuss the latest progress on the Tobacco Products Directive and on the dispute over E cigarettes.

Health ministers met on Monday 9 December 2013, to finalise their position on the heavily lobbied tobacco directive. The final trialogue between the European Parliament and the Council will then be held the week after on 16 December 2013. ALDE’s main concerns are about the intentions of some member states and of the European Commission to cut of access to E cigarettes. «E cigarettes are proven to be a great benefit to public health«, argues ALDE spokesperson Neil Corlett . He hopes for a new directive which is effective, sensible and which will make a real difference to public health and consumer choice.

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